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  • glasgowd



    WordPress newbie here, so I’m sure I’m missing something. I just copied the code from <;, pasted it into a new PHP document, and uploaded it to my wp-content/plugins folder. So far, so good.

    Except that when I view the plugin in my Plugin Management list, instead of neat cells of plugin name, version, and description, I see large chunks of the actual plugin script itself. I’m afraid to activate the plug-in, lest I screw something up.

    I’ve compared the syntax and formatting of the script to the hello.php that came with the WordPress install, and can’t see any differences that look like they’d “break” anything, but ignorance rules the day over here.

    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

    : )

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  • vkaryl


    Open that plugin in a vanilla text editor (notepad2 from, phpedit, etc.) and make sure you have NO WHITE SPACE before the opening php tag, or after the closing php tag.



    Well, the first line of the code is “<?php” (with no white space before it), and the last line is “?>” (with no white space after it….



    Look for the backticks you probably cut and pasted too.



    Nope. Here’s what’s there in the file (again, with nothing before the first or after the last lines):

    Plugin Name: Custom Posts Per Page
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Change the number of posts per page displayed for different page types.
    Author: Ryan Boren
    Version: 1.0
    Author URI:

    $num_posts_on_home = 1;
    function custom_posts_per_page($query_string) {
    global $num_posts_on_home;
    $query = new WP_Query();
    if ($query->is_home) {
    if ($query_string != ”) {
    $query_string .= ‘&’;
    $query_string .= “posts_per_page=$num_posts_on_home”;
    // Category example.
    // else if ($query->is_category) {
    // if ($query_string != ”) {
    // $query_string .= ‘&’;
    // }
    // $query_string .= “posts_per_page=$num_posts_in_category”;
    // }
    return $query_string;
    add_filter(‘query_string’, ‘custom_posts_per_page’);


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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