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    I just downloaded your plugin because some of my sites got hacked lately. I can say it seems to work nicely but I get an error when performing a quick scan and I’ve been recommended to try complete scan instead for a better ressult. So that’s what I’m trying to do … but it seems to get stuck at 0% and no working at all. Is it possible it’s really working and the real progress is not displaied? Or maybe there’s a problem somewhere?

    Thanks for your work, I hope you can lend me a hand with this issue.

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  • By the way, this is the error I get when trying to perform the Quick Scan:

    The Quick Scan was unable to finish because of a shortage of memory or a problem accessing a file. Please try using the Complete Scan, it is slower but it will handle these errors better and continue scanning the rest of the files.

    Any ideas? As I’ve been reading this forum I’m wondering if I should change some options at the php.ini file …

    Plugin Author Eli


    The best way for me to help is if you are willing to give my access to your WP Admin, that way I can troubleshoot the issue directly and implement a fix or workaraound for you.
    You can email me directly: eli at gotmls dot net

    Plugin Author Eli


    Can you try scanning just the plugins folder and tell me if that makes any difference?

    I asked my CEO about giving you access to our WP Admin, but he was a bit scared … sorry about that.

    About the plugins folder, that’s just what I was trying to do. I got the same result no matter the selected folder or content to be scanned.

    Finally we chosed another alternative solution, but I can say your plugin is really nice and it works (I tried repairing the files that were detected and it was perfectly done).

    Plugin Author Eli


    I see you have registered my plugin on two sites. Are they both having this issue?

    I understand about you CEO being scared to give out WP Admin credentials but, as the developer of this plugin, I would really like the opportunity to diagnose the cause of your issue. Lots of other people have trusted me with a login to their admin and been very glad that they did. You should be able to tell from my forum responses and reviews here on and all from all the comments I get on but if you or your CEO are still not comfortable with it I would be happy to talk to you over the phone about it.

    I won’t post my number but if you email me directly I will send it to you, or I can call you if you send me your number, or we can Skype if that’s better. My email is: eli at gotmls dot net

    I really hope we can get to the bottom of this.

    Aloha, Eli

    P.S. Thanks for the great review, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, let’s get it working 100%

    Yes, we had the same issue at both sites. Couldn’t it be some kind of problem related to our php configuration? It seems like a memory issue, and I doubt that has nothing to do with your plugin.

    I’ll try to talk to my CEO but I can’t promise you anything, as we already cleaned our sites with a more traditional way (download WP, plugins and theme again, delete old files and replace with new ones …).

    Anyway, I’d really like to thank you for your deep concern about this issue and your huge interest in helping me. If I were the CEO, I’d have given you access without a doubt.


    Forgot to mark topic as resolved, which I’m sure would have been the final result anyway 🙂

    Plugin Author Eli


    Ok, I just want to add that I would only need access for a shot time to figure this out, and then you could change the password (which is a good idea anyway). I would only need access to one of the two sites, so if one of them is less critical then I could use that one for testing. However, I am a professional and I would never do anything to compromise stability of the site.

    You should also think about how you got hacked in the first place. If you were vulnerable before and all you did was reload everything then you could still be vulnerable for the same attack/ I can;t promise I will find any evidence of how you got hacked but I often do end up finding a known vulnerability or a new backdoor when I;m working on peoples’ sites.

    I will leave this topic resolved but know that I don’t yet consider it to be so.

    I hope to hear for you or your CEO soon.

    Aloha, Eli

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