• Complete rubbish and waste of time and money. Plugin does not work with Avada, Enfold themes. Reached out to their paid support team, and got a response after 8 days from them, who could not identify the cause of the issue and told us to try with a different theme. Poor English and lack of understanding of the issue. Going to purchase a different theme, and am contemplating whether to develop my own plugin or continue to invest in Treepress.

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    I understand from the support engineer that he has had a long discussion with you but that you were not willing to carry out some of the tests he requested and this made diagnising the issue almost impossible. We recommended testing an alternative theme. This is a standard test for a fault and only a five minute job to swap it over and then revert. It will confirm that it is a theme issue, but I believe that you were advised by your developer that this would take 8 hours? We have offered to assist with this but were declined access and as we do not own a copy of your theme this has meant we are not able to properly investigate and if necessary fix the issue.

    Our support team can only do a limited amount by email and if you cannot supply a copy of the theme for us to test and won’t do the tests we advise, we cannot help further. We are very happy to assist with bugs and problems and we have thousands of users with different themes that work perfectly, so if your particular theme is an issue then we need access to it or we need you to carry out the tests we request if we are to make any progress.

    The only way we can investigate this properly without direct access to your site would be if you can provide a copy of the theme for us to install and test ourselves. As I hope you can appreciate, it is not possible for any plugin provider to test every one of the tens of thousands of WordPress themes that exist and so we can only investigate issues as and when they arise with the specific theme causing the problem. We would be happy to do this for you.

    Can I add, on another note, that I think it is inappropriate to ‘name and shame’ a support technician for their language skills when they are doing their best to assist you. You may feel that they lacked ‘an understanding of the issue’ but to assume that this is because of their english skills and to accuse them of this in a public forum is not acceptable. We have reported this to WordPress and I believe the comments have now been removed.

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