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  • We thought it was time for something new, something more clean/professional due to an extreme increase in readership and we wanted to keep them coming back to read what he have to say and share.

    So, this is my best effort, what do you think? Any ideas for us to make it better?

    Thank you in advance!!!

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  • link to your site?

    i found it in your profile. 🙂

    lol…yup, thats it…

    well ya found it, so what’d ya think? lol

    I’m still open to opinions on my site’s new layout. it is also still a work in progress…

    thanks in advance

    I like it!

    Nice layout, the colours blend well and they don’t distract from the content. I like the topics of course and to top it all off – you write in full sentences.

    And of course, you look to be a cutie pie, so that never hurts!


    It’s a very boxy design. Which is no mark against it!

    Thank you niziol and Kafkaesqui! Any suggestions for my site? its always been kinda hard for me when i design things for myself. i can sit all day and do it for others, but i guess i’m just too critical on myself sometimes.

    we want to make our site as user friendly as possible

    Thank you!!

    Any suggestions for my site?

    Considering the clean lines in the layout the header graphic does seem a little out of place. Beyond that I see nothing to nitpick either in its organization or design-wise. Well, except for the typical (anal) validation critique:

    ehhh… i don’t think that the graphic distracts really from the content. plus it makes it less boring rather than just the text and a plain background…lol…

    i don’t understand the whole validator thing… i’ve viewed the site with different broswers and it all looks the same to me for the most part.

    There is a difference between a site that works fine in ones browser, and a site that validates. But as I parenthetically note, its about being anal with these things, that’s all.

    As for the banner, it’s your site, and just my opinion. ;)

    if the site looks fine in the browsers, then whats with the validating? sorry, i just don’t understand why it matters with the validating and its purpose…

    Why validate?


    Check out: The novice (or non-technical website owner) question: “my site looks right and works fine – isn’t that good enough?”

    Click the ? question mark for your answer.

    umm… ok…

    i still don’t get it… if it looks fine and works the way its supposed to, whats the big deal?





    one of your validation errors is related to tags — inevitably this will not “look fine” in someone’s browser.

    I realize perhaps it seems trivial but in the case of plain <html> tags, even one or two errors can break a layout in the wrong browser, just maybe not yours. You would be surprised.

    its up to you.

    i just looked at the results again… the first one, i don’t understand what is wrong with it because it is the correct format used by wordpress for insterting an image. and the other things, of the ones i managed to find, they were all in the correct wordpress format for them to work. the others i can’t tell cause it doesn’t give you its location other than a column and line number…




    mmmmm, gotta love those long uri paste on here..

    never mind.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 50 total)
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