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  • I’m using a free theme I found on the web, in one of the major themes sites. I am the “admin” of the new blog in question.

    I successfully posted a first article, titled “xxx”. However, when I post a second article titled “yyy”, I also get an automatic comment, as if made by a user called “blogname > xxx”.

    I’m almost sure this is some bug in the code, maybe someting that was there otiginally, maybe something that I introduced during playing with it.

    Any clues where to look?


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  • Try the kubrick theme (comes with WP) – does problem still occur?

    After switching themes (to kubrick) in the current situation (without posting a third article) — I still see this funny comment.

    Ain’t the theme then….

    Made any alterations to any WP files?

    Sounds like a pingback or trackback to me.

    More Info

    I think you’re right… thanks… even though I haven’t figured out this “trackback” thing yet.

    Also: How do I manage those trackbacks?

    Except for the “Trackback” links generated after each post: Under “Admin->Comments” I can simply delete the comments, and under “Admin->Manage->Posts”, when editing a post, I can simply see an “Already pinged” list.

    Is this the normal situation? Once I delete the auto comments, am I okay?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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