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  • Hi there…

    Firstly please accept my apologies for the lack of knowledge… basicaly I think I am in over my head…

    I have bought a domain name through… I want this website to run using WordPress…. my question is this… What the hell do I do now?!

    I have read the instalation guides and forums and to be honest I just don’t understand!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • here is a lot of general information:

    To use WordPress, first you need to find a hosting provider.

    Then WordPress needs to be installed on your web server.

    There are 2 ways of doing this:

    1. You can do it “manually” – as explained here: Installing WordPress

    2. Alternatively, if your host provides an application called Fantastico, then this is the way to go.

    With my hosting provider, you just log into your hosting account, then go to Fantastico & select WordPress. All you have to do is choose a username & password, and a folder name (the folder is then created for you). Dead easy.

    If you need a good host, then I suggest you try Site5. I’ve been with them for just over 10 years & found them to be very reliable, with great support. A couple of things to note – they’re based in the States & support is online only. However, location is irrelevant in my opinion – as long as it’s politically stable. The online support is very good, & they always reply very quickly.

    Their fees are very reasonable – you can get hosting cheaper in the States. More bang for your buck.

    I’ve used them for hosting “normal” websites, but I’ve only just started using WordPress. Using Fantastico with them got me up & running within a few minutes.

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck


    I made the following statement:

    Their fees are very reasonable – you can get hosting cheaper in the States. More bang for your buck.

    It should read:

    Their fees are very reasonable – you can get decent hosting cheaper in the States. More bang for your buck.

    You can get cheap hosting in the UK, but you get what you pay for – ask me how I know 🙂

    Sorry about that.


    Hello mikeyrowland83,

    I work on behalf of 123-reg, we offer 123-Apps which allows you install popular software applications such as wordpress onto your hosting package from your 123-reg control panel in minutes, All you need to do is setup hosting and you will have access to the 123-apps.

    For more information in regards to 123-apps please visit:

    This is really a question for webfusiononline…glad your on the forum.
    I have an account with 123reg and am using the wordpress apps which like you said is really easy to setup. I have though encountered a major problem where I cannot setup multisite on my wordpress apparently because the wordpress is made in a subfolder with 123reg and not directly into the root folder. This is a huge problem for me as I have nearly finished my site and the client has requested this…….Please help.

    Hey snfdesigngroup,

    We can manually move this across for you, call our tech support or raise a support ticket requesting this and we will be happy to move this for you.



    I am not exactly a WordPress novice but am being a bit stupid I think.
    I have a 123-reg webhosting facility with WordPress installed in I have also checked the box to make this directory my home page.
    How on earth do I get to the login page for WordPress for this site. I am used to typing on my old hosting service but whatever I do with the 123 hosting results in being directed to 123-reg advertising.




    I work on behalf of 123-reg.

    Please ensure that you domain in correctly pointed to the 123-reg hosting server.

    How do I point my domain to 123-reg hosting?

    Once you have done this please allow 24-48 hours for the changes to take affect.





    Thanks Ricky. I should have realised this – I forgot that 123 would have to propogate the DNS redirection.

    Hi – I am really desperate for some help. I need to find the following for my blog which was set up by my ex business partner who left the country suddenly without giving me all the following info. All I have is my blog login info ie username and password. How can I assess the following so that I can get my blog fixed and upgraded? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks so much Lizzi

    FTP host
    FTP username
    FTP password

    Hosting provider
    Control panel URL
    Control panel username
    Control panel password


    Can you tell me your website name?

    Then I should be able to point you in the right direction.



    Hi Ricky – its thanks so much Lizzi Zita

    Hi Lizzi

    The domain is with

    However the hosting where the blog is actually located and running from is with

    You can contact Rackspace in order to obtain the details you mentioned in your post.

    Hosting Provider
    Hosting IP Address



    Hi Ricky – you are brilliant to look into all of this.

    I have contacted Rackspace who will not release the information to me as I do not know the passwords. I have also just paid for the domain name renewal at 123-reg. I am going to recontact Rackspace and try to talk to them, provide evidence of the winding down of the last company et, provide proof of payment to 123 et but the initial response was I would have to go to court to prove everything. Huge and cruel learning curve just at a point when my blog is vital to the next stage and further important work contracts.

    Thanks again Ricky – warmest regards Lizzi

    hi this is mainly a question for ricky, i am new to worpress and 123 reg

    basically i want to add wordpress to my site but wordpress seems to only be a linux app and i am running windows, how to i go about it. thanks

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