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  • Hello,
    I have just set up my website and installed word press to add as an update tool. But I have no idea where to start in customising and templates. All I want is the main post section on a white page to load in an inline frame on my website as it is now. I have a style.css page that I usd to customise the rest of my site pages. Is there any way to delete all the extra headers, menu bars, calendar and colours and apply my .css file and how would I go about doing it? This i the first time I have ever encountered php and looking at the index file almost gave me a headache. 🙂
    Can anyone help me out and just give me the basics and how I might go about doing ^^ that.
    Many thanks in advance

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  • Install wordpress to it’s own directory, and check it works.
    Then, in your iframe, you need to use a php include to pull in ‘The Loop’
    at the top of your iframed page, have the same lines that are at the top of index.php (the ‘don’t remove these lines’) and just include The Loop code where you want things displayed.
    You will probably get errors until you get the path right for the ‘do not remove lines’ but if you cannot figure it out, post here where each directory is (in full) and help will come your way 🙂
    Once that is displaying right, you style it using css.

    Hey podz,
    Thanks for the help. Im trying out the latter method how I think I understand it but nothing is happening, the page stays blank, not even an error. Do the ‘don’t remove this’ lines go at the top of the page within my iframe or the page that contains the iFrame. I hope I’m moving the right lines of code aswell, lol.
    Sorry for all the confusion, I think I may need a little more assistance 🙂 what information do you need?

    /* Don't remove this line. */

    Those are the lines, and they should really be at the very top of the page – literally above everything else.
    If you put that in and refresh the page (or CTRL-F5) you should get an error, as the file wp-blog-header will not be found – that’s when you need to get the path right.

    Thanks, amazingly I have got it to work. I just have one last query, is there a way to seperate each entry with a line or contain them within a cell? Purely for asthetic reasons, it looks a bit messy one after the other.

    Do you have two or three entries on a page – even test entries – then we can have a look, see what the css is like and get your code going 🙂

    Sure, I updated the main page. The link http://thecalling/ will show all the test entries. 🙂

    oops, yeah not that link. The one in my first post will get you there.

    Is it the page with this on ?
    ” 11 SETTEMBRE 2004
    11 Settembre 2001, Aaron scrive: “Unbelievable times. I never could have imagined the way my”

    err, no it should just say ‘This is a little test to see what this displays like.’ pasted a few dozen times.

    That is really bizarre. The top link you gave me is what i am seeing as corect with the test messages. The second I have no idea why you see that link. The direct URL is
    I’m back to confusion again now, lol.

    Ah !
    Now I see them 🙂

    Odd.. I don’t think my webdev bar is working properly ..
    anyway, you need to add something like this to your css:
    .post {
    background-color: #00ff00;
    border: 2px solid #ff0000;
    Your css seems a bit scattered right now, and could do with bringing together into one place.
    This is hilarious:
    Text Link Underline Remover Script-
    © Dynamic Drive (
    You can freely delete that copyright junk there – it is not their exclusive property to use !

    haha, I will do podz. It’s really messy with all the crap I used to use before I learnt css existed. Thanks for the code and your time, it’s very much appreciated. I’ll give this a go quickly and report back if I have any trouble. 🙂

    i need to do the exact same thing thecal2 needed to do.. inside of my iframe, i pasted the code, and the page stays blank. do i need to copy/paste some code into the body of the iframe page? if so, which code?

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