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  • Hi everyone,

    I’ve had a WordPress blog ( for a while now and I’ve decided I want to transfer it to a .com domain name.

    While I have some experience of MySQL, PHP and HTML it’s probably not enough for me to be able to set up my own databases and all that. I really don’t know. So, I’m looking at web hosting providers that offer one click installs.

    Firstly, I am NOT looking for recommendations, just a list of web hosting companies that people are aware of such as that do provide this service. Since I live in Ireland should I go for a web hosting company here or a recommended one in the US?

    Secondly, can someone explain what exactly happens with the one click installing? Do I still need to make a database etc or does it do all that for me? How do I back up my blog?

    I know it sounds like I haven’t a clue but please don’t reply and say “you’re better off staying on WordPress”. I’ve made up my mind that I want my own website and I’m willing and prepared to learn if I have to. I’m just trying to avoid complications by doing this as easily as possible.


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    Although we cannot endorse them, there are some hosts listed here. Also searching the forums using the keywords “host” or “hosting” may provide you with some suggestions. However, due to the amount of spam that these topics attract, I’m afraid I will have to close this one.

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