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  • I have no knowledge of HTML or CSS whatsoever. [Ok, maybe *alittle* of HTML, like making headers, or adding pictures, or easy stuff.] I just finished loading up WordPress onto my web host, and have gotten it to work wit the default template. I think the default template is absolutely disgusting looking. Are there templates online that I can just copy and paste into the template box in wordpress? I don’t need anything fancy with pictures or anything, though that would be nice. But I just want something that looks nice. It’s just gonna be a lighthearted blog/photoblog.
    Please keep it as simple as possible.
    Thanks Alot For Any Help!

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  • Squibbles,
    Consider the default template as a starting point only. As the software matures, and the community grows, I’m sure that you will see the inclusion of more templates, or, users will create templates and post them on their sites. There are, in fact, user-created templates already available. I will let those folks post their own links.
    Since you are new to WP and CSS, I would suggest that you start experimenting with the wp-layout.css file. Go in and change a value, and see how it affects the look of your site.
    Also, you can check out this thread where I list a number of great resource sites to help you out with CSS.
    Browse around the sites created by users, and you’ll get lots of ideas and help.
    Remember to have fun while you’re at it!
    Craig. has some good templates and information.

    This is great:
    It will generate a template for you. How much easier do you need? 😉

    @nuclear: Yeah, I want to try learning CSS some time, but right now, I don’t have the time, so I just want something simple.
    @mtdew: I tried that site, but they only have templates for diaryland, diary-x, and blogger.
    @scooter: I tried that one too. But I couldn’t find the java and css files to upload to my server. I got the code, though, and pasted it into the templates box in wordpress, but got a lot of error messages.

    could you let me know what kind of errors you’re getting? if you filled out everything correctly, the css files would be in textareas on the “get your code” page. they’d be the first three textareas shown, and right above them would be a link to the javascript file to download. if you could just email me or whatever, that would be great.

    If you don’t like the templates at my site (the latest three are WordPress 0.72-compatible, but I haven’t had time to check them with 1.0 yet) you can download alternate css files here or consult my b2/wordpress help page for other template resources.
    (apologies for the self-plugging)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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