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    Hi there, im using a modified version of spectrum theme and it has all this business about tags. what are tags ? why are they there? is it simply to improve SEO stuff ? it doesnt seem like a good way of navigating or anything. i dont understand. thanks for enlightening me.

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    Please try searching the Codex.

    rather than someone pasting me some generic link, i was more after asking a question to a human, so im sorry but that link doesnt actually answer my question but thanks anyway. tags still seem completely pointless to me and dont seem to do anything useful over categories, so im wondering why they exist in the first place. is it for SEO stuff ?

    well, ive been hacking around the spectrum theme to post different cats on each page and have a front page etc. and there is heavy use of tags in it. still no idea what they are supposed to do. so, rather than fight these uniquely useless things, ive gone with the flow and embraced them. as you can see ere this is prolly NSFW. its a ‘twat cloud’ rather than a tag cloud. am i allowed to say that on here ? well i have now. anyway my code is a messy joke and its taken me a week of solid tweaking to figure out how wordpress works, not really knowing php n stuff. so yeah if anyone does figure out what a tag is for, let me know 🙂

    this is actually from support, but the same principles should apply.

    Categories vs. Tags

    Both you guys thanks. I am a total newb. Alan, where would I go to find these pieces of code. Once I find it I can fix this stuff up. Also the negative top margin, what would I do to fix this, what number should it normally be.
    Again thanks guys!

    seems you have a complete ignorance of how to post in the correct thread mate! thanks fonglh, but youve done the same thing as the last bloke just paste me a link. tell you what guys. just forget it, im going with the idea that tags ‘are just there so stupid bloggers can pat themselves on the back about how many topics they have on their site, and there is no reason whatsoever for them existing apart from improving ranking in google’ – cheers 🙂

    yeah it’s a different link, which explains exactly what you want to know.
    but since you’re not willing to read and learn, too bad.

    no no no – youre not understanding. i already know what they do, i was asking ‘what are they doing there’ – there is absolutely no need for them as far as i can see. i did read it but it didnt seem to explain anything apart from ‘people get too many categories’ which explains nothing really as there is no limit on categories. ill just think what i mentioned earlier and case closed. thanks though.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    Category and Tag are simply taxonomies; no more, no less. Categories are hierarchical, and tags are not. That’s it.

    Use them as you wish, or don’t use them. Use of either is entirely up to you. Their sole purpose, as taxonomies, is to describe content.

    Note: use (or not) of taxonomies will have zero impact on SEO.

    More importantly: please try to be a bit more respectful of the people who respond to your topics. Nobody here is entitled to any answers. Everyone who responds, does so entirely as a volunteer.

    Don’t get offended when someone responds with a link to the Codex, or to another support topic. YOU are expected to RTM and to search the forum for answers, before posting a topic.

    The Codex is there for a reason, and represents years of user documentation of the ins and outs of WordPress. It was written by real humans, whom you so ardently wish, not only to answer your questions, but apparently also to hold your hand.

    hey there, now *that* is actually a stab at answering me ! although be it quite rudely, ironically considering what you are asking.

    1) ive read so much crap on wordpress the last two weeks i can hardly see. so dont tell me to RTFM.

    2) im not offended, just kind of exasperated by the lack of peoples seeming ability to understand what im asking. it was just a quick light question nothing more.

    3) regarding your request to be more respectful. basically i will say whatever i want, when i want, how i want, so if people deserve my respect they will get it and your requests will be ignored and are irrelevant to me, especially in the condescending way you typed them. if you noticed i thanked the people involved, but i was trying to get across that they were not understanding my question, since, i know what they do – but i dont know why they are there. and also – i dont need anyone to hold my hand – if i did id hire a developer and get them to do it. seems like you need to get off your 150ft high high horse and try and understand what people are saying.

    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    basically i will say whatever i want, when i want, how i want, so if people deserve my respect they will get it and your requests will be ignored and are irrelevant to me, especially in the condescending way you typed them.

    Good luck with this and any future questions.

    nice to see youre being civil now 🙂

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