• tjalexander70


    When you install the plugin, it not only provides a frontend profile solution, it completely takes over profiles on the backend. It even removed all the fields from my author box plugin installed on my site. While I’m not using WooCommerce, bbPress, or BuddyPress, I think it is a bit much to force a paid “upgrade” simply to allow access to the fields created by those plugins.

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  • Plugin Author Georgian Cocora


    Hello @tjalexander70,

    We’re sorry that you had a bad experience with our plugin.
    We do not take over the back-end part of the profiles, plugins that add fields in that section can work with ours, we also have a solution to remove our own fields from the back-end profile if that’s what the client wants.

    Our add-ons that integrate our plugin with WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress bring more to the table then just managing fields from these plugins. Upgrading is optional and is not being forced on you, it just depends on your current project needs.

    We’d really like to sort this out, if you could either open a support thread in the correct section: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/profile-builder/
    or a ticket on our website, that would be great.


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