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    Hello, i’m used only to blogger and now i just a “ready” website wordpress based… but i have no idea how or where it goes 🙁 i read a few people here talking about “installation” of wordpress anyone could give me a clear what to do where to go? I don’t know php… tried dreamweaver but it’s like i have no idea what that does… i think the website is ready and i should only change a few things as email my name on php codes, i got the hosting place already it supports php i kind of try hard to understand anything, is there any program i could visualize things easily to edit? I confess i’m completly lost… please don’t laught at my desesperation.

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  • i got the hosting place already it supports php i kind of try hard to understand anything

    Have you already installed WordPress (or has someone done that for you), and if so, have you selected a WordPress Theme to use?

    is there any program i could visualize things easily to edit?

    After you have a WordPress site running, you will be able to make pages and posts and add things like you might have previously stored at Dreamweaver, then put everything you wish on display as your own website.

    This should be helpful information:

    Thanks for your help, i don’t know how to install the wordpress, is it the “install.php” file? because when i click it open the dreamweaver program… and how i will do it… i’m missing something but i dont know what… please any guide? Ijust need a small guiding the rest i’m sure i’ll go on myself, thanks alot
    I’m reading the guide link about installation, anyone could say me a good cheap host with wordpress like the “fantastico” one? 🙂

    Thanks Wpyogi i’m abit lost still, is there any video showing how to install the wordpress? i did open the file as the tutorial says in notepad but i don’t know what to change

    Thanks alot everybody that was a hand wheel 😀
    Anyone could help with this:

    “This is an example of a default wp-config-sample.php. The values here are examples to show you what to do. You need to make changes on your own web site not here. If you make changes here by using the edit button, they will not work and you will be showing your password details to the world. “
    where he means “here” ? i did not understand it, i have this file if i edit it in notepad is fine? i’m scared to edit the wrong thing and show my password?
    also what is my db_name? sorry to sounds silly.

    Even if you do not use BlueHost, these videos might prove helpful…

    I would like to know what hosting you people use mostly here and can recommend me, bluehost seems good although. If there is any free or “almost” free is great, but i know probably theres no such thing for free, but coasts nothing to ask 🙂

    Here is completely-free:

    And then if you later wish, you can move your site to a server of your own choice and do more customizing.

    Hello again, anyone could explain me how to install wordpress? i have put all my files in a free hosting and i managed to install the database file but i feel i’m missing something, i keep reading people talking about wordpress installation i have no clue how it is done? What file does the that and where to install? I edited the wp_config.php already, is it the wordpress installation? Thanks

    I decided to use a free hosting first, for learning/testing purposes but when i learn to set up everything i’ll move it to a better host of course, i find it hard as i’m doing it everything alone 🙁

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