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    Hi have a complaint to make against am member of the moderator community. I have seen, on a couple of occasions, his response to comments by developers when responding to reviewers. I have screen shots of the last conversation that I believe to be unreasonable, unnecessary and rude. Surely that is not how moderators should conduct themselves.

    I’m not a developer of plugins, I’m a user of plugins and the reviews section for plugins is vital for me to understand if that plugin is going to be worth installing. Some people leave negative reviews and that is totally understandable. Some developers respond in a less that appropriate manner so moderators need to deal with that.

    What I have seen is developers responding in a calm manner, with additional information and being told by this particular moderator to calm down. It’s nonsense – playground stuff.

    I replied to his comments on that particular review section, that comment was deleted and now my comments on other plugins are being moderated and removed.

    Yesterday I left a comment on the Yoast plugin section telling them I was experiencing difficulties myself, that has been removed.

    Sorry, I thought we were all supposed to be adults here. I love WordPress. All my client sites are WordPress. As far as I’m concerned, we should all be using WordPress. The community is awesome but there must be a way to for us to raise concerns about the way we are being talked to online.

    I’d like to make a formal complaint here. Please can you tell me what the process for doing so is.

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Who moderates the moderators? That would be me.

    If you have an issue with a moderator, then you can bring it to me. My email address is otto at wordpress dot org.

    In this case, I can see the replies as well as the responses, including the ones that were removed. In this case, you appear to have misunderstood the situation and whom the moderator was actually replying to. He was not replying only to the developer, but to another third user who posted some angry comments, which were then subsequently removed.

    Basically, it is inappropriate for third parties to post in other people’s review threads unless they are specifically responding to the review. This includes that third person’s reply (which was removed) as well as your own which criticized the moderator’s actions. While it is true that you couldn’t see what was being moderated (neither the reviewer nor the plugin author were in the wrong there), it was still not appropriate for you to leave your reply there.

    Essentially, don’t reply in other people’s threads about stuff that is not directly related to the thread. That’s the second time you have done so, and that is why your account was flagged for moderation.

    If you have a problem with how any particular thing on this forum is handled, you do not attempt to intervene yourself, you bring it to #forums on Slack, or you bring it to me directly via email. The moderators will explain on Slack, or I will investigate via email.

    I will un-flag your account now, however, in the future, let the moderators moderate, and don’t question them on the forums themselves. Such meta discussion is not appropriate for the support forum.



    Actually Otto, I think you might want to moderate yourself. I have seriously never experienced rudness on the level you so regularly exhibit. You speak to people like their children or beneath you. It does nothing but turn people away.

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