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Compatiblity with wordpress 3.8

  • From our check the plugin is compatible with 3.8, if you have any issue let me know. I’m less on the forums as we are working hard on 2.0 and i don’t have time to check them out, but i’ll follow this thread. Please mark the plugin as compatible if it works for you 3.8 on the plugin page, if it’s not working please post here before reporting and i will check if it’s somthing related to that version or not.


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  • The All-in-One Event Calendar core theme files are out of date and the calendar has been temporarily disabled. To enable the calendar, an administrator must log into the WordPress dashboard and follow the instructions.

    This is the error I have received since upgrading.

    Hi, have just updated wordpress to v3.8 and have now lost the ability to add or update events as the event editor looks as though it isn’t loading properly.

    The visual editor is white with no kitchen sink or other calendar options.

    I’ve disabled all plugins one by one and then re-enabled them and still no change.

    I’ll keep pluggin away at this and will update if I’ve found a fix. Cheers

    @teressat and enabling the calendar fix the problem?

    @jvandelaar it seems javascript is not loaded as we use a javascript function to unhide our metabox and bring them up.

    Yes thanks @nicola I even tried the manual update. Originally I just had white screen of death. So this error is an improvement 😉

    As a matter of interest I got it! I removed the plug in as per the instructions regarding deleting uninstall.php and then I completely deleted the themes ai1ec folder from the FTP in wpcontent folder. Reinstalled the plug in and re-copied the themes ai1ec into the wpcontent folder and ta da! All working! I had to remove and reinstall the plug in a couple of times so keep trying and it should kick over eventually. So once you do this, this plug in is compatible no problems!



    Hello Nicola
    I hope you can help me!
    I installed WordPress 3.8 and my calendar page was white. I had all-in-one-event-calendar 1.10.5 installed so I thought I should upgrade to 1.10.9-standard. I did follow the instructions to remove the uninstall.php file and then deactivate/delete the old version but this caused a white screen in the Dashboard so I just ftp uploaded 1.10.9. Now the calendar page is showing but I have lost all my events. Can you help please? I did take a database backup before upgrading WordPress so I guess I should be able to restore but I am in a real muddle now.
    This is the website: http://www.babymassage-uk.com/baby-massage-instructor-training-courses/dates-and-venues/

    thank you

    Upgraded to 3.8 and the only ‘problem’ I had was that I had to enable to cookies before I could access the WP dashboard, HOWEVER ai1ec displays properly (Version 1.11.4-pro).

    I don’t claim to know as much as the ai1ec folks, but, as with previous versions of both WP and ai1ec, I would first try using the WP default themes. If that fails, I would look for a plugin conflict. Common sense tell me that those two procedures will resolve the majority of the problems that people experience.

    @mariette if you have a backup, you can restore just our tables ( they start with ai1ec ) and see if the events come back.



    Thanks for getting back to me. I’m sorry to say that I read so many bad things about ai1ec, especially recently, that I decided to uninstall and try a different plugin.

    Hi Nicola,

    I use the plugin “All-in-One Event Calendar / Version 1.10.5” with WordPress 3.8 too. When i subscribe a event to Microsoft Outlook, the event time is wrong. The Event is one hour later!


    18:30 pm (german time) -> On the homepage, this is correct!
    19:30 pm (german time)-> In my microsoft Outlook, that’s wrong

    Many thanks.

    I just installed on wordpress 3.8, and the themes options is not available and it looks horrible on my dark site, I just uninstalled. When will be comptabile with 3.8?

    @magic2006 did you try to install 1.10.9 standard which you can download from our website?

    @unformatted it’s compatible, it’s more likely that the compatibility issue is with another plugin.

    But on your tutorial I can see theme options, on admin this option is not available. My site is http://www.vascomarques.com

    @unformatted did you try to install 1.10.9 standard from our website?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 56 total)
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