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    Hi no wonder Litespeed is great plugin, but I wanted to switch to WP Rocket but also wanted to use this plugin for core features for server level cache.

    So, my question is if I use wp rocket, will it cause any issues?

    I want to use this plugin for server level cache [will disable Page cache] and wp rocket for frontend cache. Will this give me best possible results?

    As I have been using this plugin with the use of CDN but still feel like TTFB times are way more than it should be and overall speed is not efficient for my purpose.

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to your suggestion.

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    actually if you do this , you will probably end up in double cache , like webserver cached one page , and then WP Rocket cached again

    technically , you can enable multiple cache plugin , but you will need to disable same/similar feature and only keep one of them , like if you enable page cache in LSCWP , then you need to disable that on other side , or vice versa

    can’t really say if it will get best result or worst result , I think mostly dependent on your setting

    may I know if there is any particular thought that makes you want switch ?

    Best regards,

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    Yes, @qtwrk

    1st reason is > I tried all the possible ways to get TTFB results better but not achievable. Especially in the case of website’s hosted on shared hosting, as we can’t really use the bot crawl feature for “after purged cache”. This makes first time user’s load time way more than it should be.

    I don’t know if you guys can have any solution for this, as far I have understood about your plugin is everything perfectly fine, but issue with TTFB results, even after using feature.

    [actually, I also wanted to know that, if I buy credits for will that be applicable to all the domains I have hosted there?]

    As free 100 credits are not sufficient for my needs per domain.

    2nd issue > is with unused CSS feature, I saw way better results in websites using WP Rocket for this feature than Litespeed plugin, I might haven’t configured the settings correctly about this I must agree on that,

    But, as far as I remember last time, I did try to use unused CSS feature in your plugin, still Google lighthouse was showing many files were unused.

    So, TTFB issue and unused CSS these are the only 2 things I have issue with, as far as some of my domains are in shared hosting, for cloud/VPS hosting if I use bot crawl after cache purge will that make TTFB results better? As some of the sites are dynamic in nature so it needs purging quite often. Which also makes it harder to get better in TTFB results.

    Rest is all fine my bro. I just want these things to be solved, for which many recommended me to go for WP Rocket paid plugin.

    But I still have faith in you guys to give me some suggestions to work-around these things, I am more than happy to buy more credits for which has really reasonable pricing structure.


    I think you have a missunderstanding about what TTFB is. TTFB is not a fixed unit to measure how powerful a (web) server is.

    The TTFB depends on several factors, but the decisive factor is the runtime, or the distance between the client and server location. The greater the distance, the higher the TTFB. A CDN can improve the TTFB, but not in general. If most of your visitors are from your own country, a CDN can even be harmful and therefore makes no sense. This is not my personal opinion, but is also represented by LiteSpeed itself.

    In addition, a web server can only influence the TTFB to a limited extent. If you have too much data to process, the web server is only as fast as PHP and the MySQL server can process the data. No matter which plugin to improve the loading time, you cannot improve the TTFB.

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    Thank you, @serpentdriver I understand, but I saw some slight differences in speed & TTFB results with Cloudflare cache everything and by disabling Litespeed cache in same websites that are totally using CDN.

    So, I was thinking if we can just achieve it without Cloudflare [cache everything] in Litespeed or maybe switching to Flyingpress or WP Rocket for that matter.

    As cache everything has its own problems for the website’s having dynamic + membership (for user logged-in) content.

    I hope you understand my point as well, I never said Litespeed CDN is bad in any case. It’s just we can’t really use the crawl feature if the website is hosted in a shared environment. So that if we purge the cache, user’s won’t have to face the cache miss issue, which will cause more load time.

    I will see if I can just move website’s from shared to Cloud hosting, which will for sure eliminate these TTFB issue.

    But, please keep an eye on websites running on flyingpress (+ maybe in some case their CDN features as well), because they seem to be superfast even in the shared hosting. (I have seen some website’s)

    It’s never too bad to have a close look at your competition.

    Thank you and have a great day ahead.


    I fear that all your efforts will be in vain…..

    Another CDN or plugin will not solve your problems. You have to understand that your problem starts with WordPress and until you fix the root of the problem, no other CDN or optimization plugin will help you. You try to heal a “disease” by covering up the symptoms. But the disease stays with you.

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    Yes @serpentdriver you are indeed right, I am working on it

    Thank you.

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