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  • The functionality appears to have disappeared with 4.0’s new media library display. I’m left to regenerate the whole library for the one photo I want to improve.

    Same experience as taridonohue. Regenerate link is missing in 4.0’s media library which is weird because $actions = apply_filters( 'media_row_actions', $actions, $post, $this->detached ); is still there in class-wp-media-list-table.php.

    Though digging a little deeper, the media library seems to now be generated in wp-includes/media-template.php… and the actions are hard-coded.

    There’s a trac ticket about this already, but it is marked as ‘wontfix’ so Regenerate Thumbnails will have to be adjusted to fit the new WP approach. Helen suggests using the attachment_fields_to_edit filter.

    Yep it is not working anymore, that’s not good. I hope it gets fixed, this is a very handy plugin.

    Wow how did I miss that, actually it works perfectly with 4.0! At the top left of media library, there are 2 icons. Just click on the list view instead of the current grid view, and voila, the regenerate thumbnail link is back! And I tested it, it is regenerating thumbnails normally.

    I don’t think it is working properly in WordPress 4.0

    It seems to generate thumbnails, but WordPress is not seeing them, and is actually serving up the full size image in place of the thumbnails. This is causing massive slowdowns on my site.

    Well, the plugin’s job is to regenerate thumbnails, and you say that it is regenerating thumbnails. So the problem is probably related to your theme. Maybe the script that is generating thumbnails is not compatible with 4.0. I suggest you contact your theme’s developer.

    Also you can check your thumb dimensions at Media submenu of Settings menu on left.

    My site’s frontpage thumbs are generated by a script automatically, and as you can see thee are fine: I regenerated all thumbnails with 4.0.

    @gezginrocker you are not the only one who missed that! I surely did. If you click the icon and revert to “list view” you can still find the “regenerate thumbnails” link.

    @helgatheviking Nice trick!

    Hi, as @jasonwayne reported, it can generate the thumbnails but it won’t update wp_postmeta with the new sizes.
    I have executed it and the meta_value still contains “sizes”;a:0:{}.

    I think this is the REAL problem.

    My site is at a standstill. I have lost all my holiday shoppers, over $4000 in sales lost because my site is not loading fast enough due to the photo issues. I did not have any issues until I upgraded to 4.0 now I am at 4.01 and the problem is worse! Does anyone have an answer to fix this???

    My only income is my website, I must get this fixed Please someone help!
    Woocommerce installed
    Wootheme: Mystile

    I found this
    Force Regenerate Thumbnails allows you to delete all old images size and REALLY regenerate the thumbnails for your image attachments.

    See the screenshots tab for more details.

    Tags: force, regenerate-thumbnails, thumbnail, thumbnails
    Requires: 2.8 or higher
    Compatible up to: 3.8.3
    Last Updated: 2014-1-15
    Downloads: 262,512

    but it says “up to 3.8.3 what will work with 4.0.1???

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    @schelesia If you have a problem with this plugin then can you please start your own topic?

    This topic and your problem is not really related. If you start your own topic then your problem will get the attention it deserves.

    @jan Dembowski, why is my problem not related to the regenerate thumbnail topic? I’m asking if the plugin is compatible or not and WP sent me to this topic so now I’m confused where I am supposed to get the help from if not here.

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    Because I want you and your problem to get the attention you need and deserve. Honest. 😉

    Unless you are on the same server, with the same plugins, and the same PHP with the same PHP modules then your problem (while similar) is different from this one.

    Please start your own topic.

    I upgraded to Dinah and tried to regenerate all my thumbnails from 192 to 235 pixels to match the size used by Pinterest. But I see only 192 pixel thumbnails for the old posts. I manually created a new thumbnail and a new post which is 235 pixels square.

    I also modified functions.php to make 235×235 the default size but how to I force the old featured images to be bigger?

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