• Hi,

    Is this plugin compatible with WMPL?
    I have set up two subscriptions, one on english and one on spanish pages. Users can sign up on either on and be placed into two groups (eng + spa). When there is a new blog posted in english, the users who signed up on english will get a notification. When a new post in spanish is created users who signed up on spanish will get the notification.
    But here is the problem, when the english post is translated in spanish through wpml, the users will get the spanish notification but the link will be to the english blog post.

    Any idea on how to change this?

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  • @andrewtam

    We haven’t tested the plugin with WPML.
    Also, I would suggest you to first translate the post manually and then write two different posts so they may land up in different categories.
    Meanwhile, kindly allow me some time to check it can be made easier.

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