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  • Plugin Author Vladimir



    unfortunately, at the moment plugins are not compatible. But, it’s fully compatible with Page Builder plugin, that is free.

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    Plugin Author Vladimir


    @n.Nadejda (здесь нельзя писать по-русски, а на моей странице обратной связи – можно)

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    Plugin Author Vladimir


    I know. I’m just show the link to my feedback page =)

    ok, thanks, i will write you directly. Sorry all who dont speak russian here 🙂

    Thanks for the great plugin Vladimir. Truly one of the best out there. I’ve been using it with Visual Composer and have no problems.

    There is a minor issue that maybe you can help with. When editing in Visual Composer, a lightbox pops up where you edit text. Then when clicking on the ‘insert shortcode’ button, the SU lightbox comes up over the VC lightbox, which works perfectly.

    However, after the update to version 4, when clicking on the ‘insert shortcode’ button from within a VC lightbox, the SU lightbox pops up behind the VC lightbox, so I can’t actually access any of the shortcodes or edit their properties.

    This may be a simple fix in a future update, or if there is a section the code I can modify for now, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for your help, and for your work on this great plugin.

    I am experiencing the same issue. It is a z-index issue. The VC z-index is 1059 and the Short Codes Ultimate modal window open behind the VC modal window. I am able to hack the z-index with Fire Bug but it sure would be great if these 2 plugins played nicely together!

    Visual Composer has their z-index set higher than Shortcodes Ultimate. You can modify the Shortcodes Ultimate assets/css/magnific-popup.css and change all the z-indexes higher. I simply changed them from from 1042 to 1142. This corrects the problem. You might be able to add these styles to your theme’s css. This is kind of a hack, but if Vladimir simply changed the z-indexes of that file in his plugin then it would work with Visual Composer.

    You could also modify the z-index of the Visual Composer CSS files … assets/lib/bootstap_modals/css/bootstrap.modals.css file to lower the z-index of their modal to less Line 43 to:
    z-index: 1010;
    and Line 58 to:
    z-index: 1020;

    Either solution corrects the modal conflict with Shortcodes Ultimate and Visual Composer.

    Thanks Tyler. That worked great. For anyone wanting to modify the SU CSS files, you have to change all instances of z-index. I think there’s like 5 of them.

    I can confirm that Vladimir has fixed this issue in Version 4.2.1

    Thanks Vladimir for a great plugin and great support.

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