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  • Is this compatible (will it work with) other plugins that have IP Login features yours does not? Like location blocking, limiting number of login tries?

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    Hi there,

    This question doesn’t have a simple Yes or No answer. Any two plugins with overlapping features have the potential to get in each other’s ways.

    The short answer is: give it a try and see if it works!

    A more technical explanation:

    For the most part, the various functions in Apocalypse Meow are attached to WordPress “hooks” and rely on WordPress’ built-in handling before and after they’re called. For example, if a setting adds an additional check to the login process (like a Nonce field), it hooks into WordPress’ “is this login good?” hooks, and if AM decides the login was not good, it passes that failure to WordPress so WordPress can run the “well this wasn’t right” hooks.

    Plugin behaviors inserted in that way can build on one another, no problem.

    But there are certain cases in Apocalypse Meow where the feature requires breaking the chain. Some examples include limiting the number of login attempts (which the plugin definitely supports!) or preventing user enumeration attacks. If a user has exceeded the maximum number of login attempts within the defined period, the plugin prevents the login form from being displayed (which breaks any hooks that would have come later in the general login chain).

    In the case of Apocalypse Meow, all such actions are intentional. But many plugins might accidentally break a chain without realizing it, which could affect the features of any plugin relying on the missing hooks.

    This morning, in fact, I was debugging an installation of Apocalypse Meow where login failures were not being logged correctly. The culprit turned out to be the theme. In implementing a custom login page, the theme issued a redirect/exit in the login process before the point at which WordPress would normally fire the login failure hook. In other words, the login chain was broken before AM was scheduled to come into the picture.

    This is a great support !

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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