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  • wp_get_theme() is used in the latest version of the theme. This breaks compatibility with existing WP installations that are older than 3.4.0 (the entire wordpress admin section fails to load until the theme is moved/renamed on the filesystem). Most plugins I’ve seen maintain compatibility with a call to function_exists(‘wp_get_theme’).

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  • If the theme requires that function, conditionalizing it does no good – the theme wouldn’t function without that function

    The appropriate thing to do is to maintain a site to the newest version of WordPress. Versions other than the most current version are not supported, and are quite likely to contain security issues.

    WP 3.5 is about to drop, and as plugins and themes revise to meet the newest standards, sites running older versions of WP may find even more problems.

    In many situations, users have no control over which version of WP their site runs on, and this theme presents itself as an available update, allowing users to break an entire installation.

    WP version 3.3.2 is still the supported version in Debian stable. I would suggest supporting themes on all major operating systems that are in the wild.

    The only supported version ‘in the wild’ is the version available here:

    That is the sole official version. Sure other versions may get distroed in bundles or whatever, but each time a new version is released, the previous version is over. There are no branches, or whatev. Just the most recent version.

    This is especially true on major releases (3.3.x to 3.4, 3.4.x to 3.5). Sometimes things break in an effort to move forward…

    WP itself tries to maintain backward compatibility as much as possible, but theme and plugin owners are under no obligation to do so, and may even be unable to for certain aspects of their products which could be version reliant.

    Under what circumstances would a user not control their version of WP….? The update tab is right on their admin panel….

    No. I’m not talking about whatever your definition of supported is. Neither am I arguing that a theme developer is obligated to support any release.

    Users of a very popular operating system have a bundled version of WP that is rigged not to allow updating of the base software through the update interface, and only through the OS’s packaging system. It’s a very common version that is “in the wild”. I am suggesting that a particular theme be maintained for backwards compatibility, as many themes are.



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    Users of a very popular operating system have a bundled version of WP that is rigged not to allow updating of the base software

    Then you need to take this up with whoever crippled WordPress in this manner. Neither nor third party plugin & theme developers can be expected to support a crippled version of WordPress.

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