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    I appreciate that you are very busy but woul dbe grateful for a few minutes of your attention. I have recently downloaded and activated the “WP Approve Users” plugin. I countered an issue and directed it to the plugin author here:

    But there is no resolution. I am having the following happen when a user registers with my site:

    1/ User fills in credentials and hits submit.
    2/ User is informed on the login page that they will get an email one their account has been approved (this message is created by WP Approve User).
    3/ User is still sent the default “Login Details” email. They shouldn’t be sent it yet.
    4/ Admin is sent the default “New user registration” email twice. They should be sent it only once.
    5/ I login as admin, find the user in the user list and click “Approve”.
    6/ The user gets a custom email saying their account has been approved (this is created and managed by WP Approve User).
    7/ The user gets the default “Login Details” again (and this is the time they should get it as they are now approved).

    I am only guessing but I think there is two systems managing the sending of emails to admin/new users:

    – WP Approve User
    – Theme My Login

    I think that this is why maybe:

    a) Both plugins are sending a admin “new user” email
    b) Theme my login is sending the “login details” too early

    If that is the reason, since, I am out of my depth here, I would appreciate it if there was some compatibility between your plugin and WP Approve User so that I only send the right emails to the admin/user.

    Would the answer be to somehow just stop “Theme My Login” from sending any emails to user / admin? That was “WP Approve User” does it all. Something in my functions.php perhaps?

    Thanks for consideration.


    I am confused because here:

    It says there is a section to manage notifications and I see no section in the TML Settings area.


    OK, I see that it is an extension:

    I am willing to pay for it but won’t until I know it will answer my problem. I still have this compatibility issue between your two plugins with sending the correct notification.

    If you can help me resolve that I can send the 15$ for the extensions plugin.

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    • This topic was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by Chuckie.
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  • Sorted it out:

    // ==============================================================
    // Switch off Theme My Login notifications because WP Approve User manages it
    add_filter( 'tml_send_new_user_notification', '__return_false' );
    add_filter( 'tml_send_new_user_admin_notification', '__return_false' );
    // ============================================================== 
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