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  • I’m also waiting for the WooCommerce update for WP 3.8.
    My host has already asked me to update on WP 3.8 for security reasons and closed my shop, because it was hacked. 😮

    Hi Chris,

    If you work with one language only, there’s no problems with WP 3.8 but if you run a multilingual store and use qTranslate you can have some weird issue.

    I solved just yesterday for my new multilingual store using a new free plugin that permits to run woocommerce using qTranslate.
    If this is your case you can give a test to this new plugin

    Only work with one language… anyway…
    got this error:
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 80 bytes) in …/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1565

    Not able to enter dashboard or frontend.

    Hi Chris,
    this is a server problem not woocommerce. You must enter your server panel control and check a place where to restore permissions. Usually it can happen when you make different changes. I suppose you upgraded to wp 3.8 without deactivating the plugins and also not switched to a wp basic theme like 2013. I upgraded successfully 4 different wp installations but last time I got your problem too because I haven’t deactivated the plugins.

    You can try to reset permission on your server first.
    But maybe there is a way to reinstall via FTP a new WP installation, only the core.
    Maybe it can help, I’m not so skilled with wp

    @ wocmultimedia
    What do you mean with permissions?
    Do you mean reading and writing permissions like 777, 755, and so on?

    You don’t seem to have a permissions problem, but rather a memory problem. The error msg is exactly what it says. Ask your Host to up your memory from your current 16mb.

    Chris, vartech is right, you have to ask your Host to increase the PHP memory limit up to 128MB then it will work again.
    When they raised the memory then you have to go via FTP to your site and modify the config.php as you already know adding the new memory limit.
    You already got answer here. @wocmultimedia

    …just one thing I don’t understand:
    It says: My memory of 134 MB is exhausted and it needs 80 bytes more.

    You say I have 16 MB and I need 128 MB.

    Shouldn’t I ask for more than 135 MB?
    How do I check for sure, how much memory I have? Any Plugin?

    You must contact your Host, they know how to solve it because it’s your system situation not a wp problem


    Do you know, if WooCommerce works with WP 3.8, then?
    …or should I take WP 3.7.1 like they recommend here?:

    Hi Chris,
    this site I’m making with woocommerce and wp3.8 and virtue theme premium in italian only and have no troubles

    Other problems are related to your Host or perhaps your configuration.
    Have a good time.

    134217728 bytes = 16mb … (base 2, I believe)

    Thanks for your info… like your website.

    Could make WooCommerce run on WP 3.8.
    Just some product data hasn’t been overtaken and I don’t understand it yet.

    For example:
    With one product I have 4 in stock, but WooCommerce is not giving me the sizes on the product page, that I can order it.

    So WooCommerce is overtaking the inventory but is not activating the sizes on the website. The size dropdown menu is just empty.

    It looks like WooCommerce has changed a small thing in the settings.
    Do you have any idea?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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