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  • I love this player and didn’t want to stop using it, but it appears that the creator is too busy to support various conflicts or problems.

    I have found that it works fine for me with a fully updated wordpress using an older plugin version. is the version I use and I am careful not to update it past that version. You can download previous versions of plugins from the developers tag.

    Whether this will solve your issue I don’t know. If you choose to try it, deactivate the version you use and delete the plugin using ftp so you don’t lose any settings you have. Then you can import the zip normally and give it a go. If you still have problems, it is also worth deactivating all plugins to see if if the problem is a conflict with another plugin. If it works with all other plugins deactivated, gradually activate other plugins to find the one it conflicts with.


    The plugin is working now but it doesn’t quite look right.

    It looks like this

    Rather than like this

    Any idea why that would be?

    It also conflicts with one of my add-ons that is an absolute must.

    Dan – did you get a resolution to this as I have an issue where the player doesnt display correcly in WP 3.8 too?

    I have the same problem, where if I install an audio track it goes into endless buffering. Dan, the reason the player has a different appearance probably is because it is a default audio player on your blog. If I remove the Audio Player plugin completely, I get a similar audio player (which unlike the Audio Player will play the MP3, although it does not look like I want it to look). Similarly, when I tried diywebco’s suggestion to use the older version of Audio Player, I just ended up with the default non-Audio Player player showing up.

    Hopefully we’ll get an update or some resolution to this problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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