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    Hi, Maxime and all the WP Community.

    First of all, thank you again for your plugin. I love the high level of customization, and since I knew your plugin, I’m designing my websites more cleverly, with an eye kept on eventual translation. Congrats!

    I’ve found that your plugin seems incompatible with Ultimate Member, because when both plugins are activated, I get 404 error on all pages. Yes, I’ve set the permalink structure afterwards as you recommend in many posts -I’ve read through all pages of this forum-, but still no luck. Using different profile member plugins do work, but not with UM. And, the other way around, if I deactivate UM, Sublanguage works nicely.

    Maybe UM has some kind of incompatibility-forcing with every translation plugin, because they are in partnership with another major translation plugin. Could this be possible? If so, is there any way to override this? I’m kind of lost about it. Any thoughts or ideas?

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    The problem is that Ultimate Member forces to refresh rewrite rules on every page on front-end, and Sublangage doesn’t allow it.

    Refreshing rewrite rules is an expensive operation for the server. Rewrite rules act as a map for the server to quickly find a resource when requested. It works a bit like a cache. Refreshing rewrite rules on every page is a non-sense and make your site very slow, especially if you use other things like multi-language plugins. That’s why Sublanguage doesn’t allow it.

    If you want to continue using Ultimate Member plugin (with or without Sublanguage), you really should notify his author about this issue.

    Once again, thanks for your clear and straight answer. I’m not a big fan of UM for many reasons, and I suspected something was wrong about it because Sublanguage works perfectly with other member plugins. I’ll stick to Sublanguage then, and look for a different member plugin option. THANK YOU!!!

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