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  • Hello,

    This plugin looks absolutely fantastic, we have been playing with it in a small test site but we do have concerns if we were going to use this plugin with one of our larger sites, in particular a site that uses LiteSpeed Cache Plugin and Server.

    We are using an Enterprise LiteSpeed server version 5.4.11 with a LiteSpeed cache plugin version 3.5.2. So here we have the following questions:

    1. In Your FAQs you mentioned the following:

    “WP Admin or WP Admin Bar is being cached
    If you are using LiteSpeed Server version lower than 6.0RC1, make sure to Overwrite the cache-control header for WordPress’s pages using web server rules option is disabled. If not, disable it, clear your cache and try again.”

    If you wrote this in your FAQs, this means that some people have experienced this or this is a common issue that happens often. What happens when LiteSpeed Server version reaches version 6.0 ?

    Rather than anticipate a future release or not that might prevent WP Admin or WP Admin Bar being cached, do we need to use the code below in functions.php?

    // Hide toolbar for everyone except for Administrators
    if ( ! current_user_can( 'manage_options' ) ) {
     add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');

    2. From what we understand, this plugin uses Cloudflare workers that are your own, workers are not for free so please helps us understand this, because if you are paying for it and this plugin is for free, there must be something that the user is giving up here, specially if our site is delivering heavy traffic.

    3. Are you harvesting any data from using your plugin?

    4. Our site has heavy traffic, do we need to sign up for Cloudfare workers? If we do, do we just sign up, or are there settings that we need to perform at Cloudflare in order for this plugin to work?

    5. LiteSpeed already uses an API key to control Cloudflare is there a conflict here?

    6. In order for your plugin to work, LiteSpeed Cache has to be turned off, when this is done, the image optimization provided by the LiteSpeed Plugin also stops.

    7. Can you explain in simple terms what does “Disable metaboxes on single pages and posts” do? (it comes disabled by default)

    Thanks for making this fantastic plugin. I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

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  • Plugin Contributor Saumya Majumder


    Hi @lechon,
    1. You can disable the admin menu the way you said but then again litespeed cache is a page caching system, something we don’t recommend using. You should not use more than one page caching system. If you use litespeed page caching then you can only use this plugin for CDN caching and nothing else. Whereas with the plugin’s fallback cache system, the disk cache generated by the plugin can be overwritten as needed by the plugin.

    2. This plugin do not use workers by default it is an option. By default it uses page rules which is 100% with no capping. If you want you can enable the worker mode to get rid of the cache buster query string and also you can overwrite our own worker code to add more logics if you would like to do that.

    3. We do not take any data whatsoever from this plugin, feel free to dig inside the code to check it yourself. 🙂

    4. First of all if you guys can live with the cache buster query string for the admin logged in users, then you don’t need to enable the worker mode and can just use the page rule mode (default option). If you would like to use the worker mode for your site then please note that we are not providing any sorts of work credit here. YOur site is liked with your Cloudflare account and hence if you go beyond the free worker limit you need to pay for that from your account only. We simply use cloudflare API to setup worker for your zone and route. Besides that everything else happens in your account level.

    5. Yes. Litespeed and all other system uses CF to only cache statif files like css, js, images and not the page HTML like this plugin does.

    6. You just cannot use Litespeed cache for page caching but you can always use other optimization like css, js, image optimization or use other plugins to do that like autoptimize, perfmatters, shortpixel etc.

    7. Once you install the plugin and then go to and existing pge or post and edit that, in the sidebar you will see an option to exclude just that page only from caching. If you enable the “Disable meta box” option then you won’t see this option anymore.

    Thread Starter lechon


    Hi @isaumya

    Thank you so much for taking the time yo explain this.

    We will for sure look into it.


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