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  • Hello wpcolor,

    Please attend this potential compatibility problem between your elegant SCU plugin and the commonly used multi-language plugin WPML.

    At my site I have tried to build a two-laguage site using WPML as language switching device and your SCU as lay-out device. The result is up. At the front page I want to show an overview of recent posts in both English and Danish. The English frontpage (= does so (after installing at help-plugin called YD WPML Switcher to suppress laguage filtering), but the Danish front page ( refuses to show the English language posts.

    I have asked WPML for support and their kind and careful review of the problem leads to the suspicion that there is a compatibility problem due top the use of shortcode for sorting posts inthe SCU.

    They therefore invite you to take part in their compatibility work and contact them at

    You can see my conversation with WPML suppport at the thread:

    Please do not hesitate in asking for more info. I hope you will help with this.



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  • The issue has been solved by editing your plugins lib.php, but there is good reason to solve the comptability problem at a general level.

    Thanks again for your wonderful plugin!



    Hi Tor,

    I have the same problem with WPML. I have a Dutch/English website.
    On the front page I included two text widget that each show a recent post of a particular category.

    The Dutch version shows the posts in the widgets, but the English site doen’t show any posts. I tried giving the the Dutch and English category the same name, but that does not work.

    Could you please share your solution with me?

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards,

    Hi Ilja,

    Thanks for your interest.

    I am not sure the problem is the same — are the widgets that you use on the front page created in SCU? You do not reveal the URL of your website in your posting here so I cannot tell if the solution I use makes sense. I guess that your problem is that the posts have their language specified as Dutch (which is your admin language?) and therefore do not show up if the language of the widget is English. But I can’t tell unless you give more info.

    WPML may be able to help.



    Hi Tor,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The widget that I use, is the basic “text widget” from WordPress. I entered [sitecreator show=”1″] which works perfectly on the Dutch site, but when I switch to English, nothing is shown. The post that should be displayed does have an English translation.

    Dutch is indeed the admin language. I cannot show you the error, as the site is not yet fished.

    I hope this clarifies my problem.

    Hi Ilja,

    I am sorry but you don’t give enough information for me to be of help. Also, I do not really know very much about these matters. All I know is that you have to specify languages many places, categories, SCU lay-outs, posts, etc. to make it work.

    I have not used WP widgets at all, so I can’t help you there. Perhaps you should consult WPML to ask for help. I did buy their most basic package and that provided me with very quick and competent help.

    Best of luck,


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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