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    Hi, I am using the AG Custom Admin plugin and it gives me this warning:


    Uncaught ReferenceError: tinymce is not defined

    This JavaScript error could stop AG Custom Admin plugin to work properly. If everything still works, you can ignore this notification.

    Possible solutions:

    1) Make sure to have everything up to date: WordPress site, plugins and themes.

    2) Try disabling plugins one by one to see if problem can be resolved this way. If so, one of disabled plugins caused this error.

    3) Check “source” path of this error. This could be indicator of the plugin/theme that caused the error.

    4) If it’s obvious that error is thrown from a particular plugin/theme, please report this error to their support.

    5) Try activating default WordPress theme instead of your current theme.

    6) Advanced: Try fixing this issue manually: Navigate to the link above in your browser and open the source of the page (right click -> view page source) and find the line in code where it fails. You should access this file via FTP and try to fix this error on that line.

    7) Contact us if nothing above helps. Please do not post errors that are caused by other plugins/themes to our support page. Contact their support instead. If you think that error is somehow related to AG Custom Admin plugin, or something unexpected happens, please report that on our SUPPORT PAGE

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  • Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Hi ac1643,

    I installed AG Custom Admin plugin but could not reproduce the js error with just installing. I searched the error message you posted and found it in plugin.php. According to the code in plugin.php,

    1. tinymce is used in “Dashboard Page” tab.
    2. line:3027 indicates line number of HTML source file (or js file?), but I can’t find such a big file.

    So my question is: Can you see TinyMCE editor in “Dashboard Page” tab?

    And I’d like to have your settings file. Could you kindly “Export Settings” in “Advanced” tab and send tokkonopapa at yahoo dot com ? May be I can reproduce the error with your settings.

    I will appreciate your help with this situation.

    HI, thanks for looking into this. I’ve sent you the export settings file.

    I can’t see TinyMCE editor on the dashboard. The dashboard areas are:

    At a glance
    Quick Draft
    Wordpress News
    Simple History (plugin)
    Wordfence summary (plugin)

    Hi, I got response from the developer of AG Custom Admin, he said it was being blocked by IP Geo Block and that I should add the following code to functions.php:

    function my_bypass_plugins( $plugins ) {
    $whitelist = array(
    return $plugins + $whitelist;
    add_filter( ‘ip-geo-block-bypass-plugins’, ‘my_bypass_plugins’ );

    Would you agree that I should do this, or is there another better fix?

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Of course I agree because I wrote the answer at their forum 🙂

    But please wait. According to your settings of IP Geo Block (you sent me by email), the above snippet do nothing. I think you have some sort of JavaScript error on your admin page. At AG Custom Admin forum, you wrote:

    For further information, I was unable to change the login image. I kept getting a ‘forbidden’ message every time I clicked on Save Changes.

    This will happen if js has error. And that is also the cause of this issue.

    I think this is not the compatibility issue only between AGCA and IGB but possibly with other plugins. I should find which js file has an error.

    I was wondering if you could do another help for me. I’d appreciate if you write down all the plugins you installed and activate.

    Thanks you so much.

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Oh one more thing…

    Could you tell me the plugins and the theme you are activating?

    Because a similar js issue which was caused by a bug of a certain theme could be found in

    Thanks again.

    Hi, thanks for your time on this, I will send through the settings as soon as I can (within 12 hours)

    Hi, have sent you an email with details


    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Thank you for your detailed information. While I’m investigating this issue, I found a bug of AG Custom Admin that I reported at their forum.

    But it has no relation with this issue. So I keep going.

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Dear ac1643,

    I found out the reason caused by my plugin’s fault. Would you please follow the next instructions?

    1. Activate IP Geo Block.
    2. Go to “Settings” => “IP Geo Block“.
    3. Replace “wp-config.php,passwd” to “/wp-config.php,/passwd” at “Important files” in “Validation target settings“.
    4. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

    Before 2.2.4 of IP Geo Block, a / is added internally, but from 2.2.4 I modified not to add it. This modification will block the requests both AG Custom Admin and Wordfence Password Audit.

    I’m very sorry to bother you, but I’d like you to do the above.

    I really appreciate your great contribution!

    P.S. I posted three issues while I was debugging.


    Thanks for finding the fix and for your comprehensive explanation. I’m glad to have been able to help you with the plugin. I have a follow on issue though. I currently have the plugin installed on around 20 sites and to log in and make the changes on every one will take some time.

    Therefore is it possible for you to fix this via an update to the plugin? I can then update all my installations in one go via the infinitewp console I use to manage plugins.


    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Dear ac1643,

    Therefore is it possible for you to fix this via an update to the plugin?

    Absolutely, yes!

    In the next release (may be 2.2.5), wp-config.php and passwd will be replaced to /wp-config.php and /passwd if those have no / at their top only on the next upgrade phase.

    So you can safely do this job manually or wait patiently for the next release. (I’ve almost done my job in 2.2.5, but it should be verified with a various test cases. So I’m sory but it takes one or two weeks at least.)

    Thanks for your cooperation and response.

    Thanks for your great support, look forward to the update

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