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  • Hi

    We have it running with Aelia however needed to patch the plugin in 1 place to get multi currency to work.

    In WC_Gateway_After.php Line 292

    if(isset($gateways[$this->id]) && get_option(‘woocommerce_currency’) != get_woocommerce_currency()){

    Needs to be replaced with

    if(isset($gateways[$this->id]) && !$this->is_currency_supported()){

    Likewise in the same file, line 839: in process_and_print_afterpay_paragraph() the if statement needs to be removed.

    if (get_option(‘woocommerce_currency’) != get_woocommerce_currency()) {

    As it’s checked below.

    And you should be good.

    Cheers @willrossi, I’ll give that change a go and await confirmation from Afterpay re: official compatibility. 🙂

    Plugin Author Afterpay


    Hi @visser,

    Thanks for your question. The Afterpay Gateway for WooCommerce plugin is not expected to have functional conflicts with currency converter plugins. This is because Afterpay will become hidden from the product pages and checkout if the customer selects a checkout currency that differs from the store currency.

    @willrossi, thanks for offering this suggestion. However, Afterpay do not recommend making these changes, as they can cause payments to be processed for incorrect amounts.

    Afterpay will only process payments in the currency of the merchant account – the WooCommerce store currency. If the merchant has Cross Border Trade (CBT) available, the currency conversion will take place inside the Afterpay payment window, not at the WooCommerce checkout.

    Please reach out to your Business Development Manager if you wish to discuss Cross Border Trade.

    Thank you.

    @afterpayit We have CBT enabled on our account and yet the AP gateway was still not appearing until I made those above changes. get_option(‘woocommerce_currency’) would display ‘NZD’ rather than the user selected ‘AUD’ currency at checkout. If those changes are not correct then no, this module is not compatible with Aelia.

    It looks like get_woocommerce_currency() correctly returns ‘CAD’, ‘USD’ or ‘AUD’ whereas get_option('woocommerce_currency') always returns ‘NZD’ which is causing the issue.

    @willrossi, yup that querying of a Option against get_woocommerce_currency() brought me here.



    @afterpayit any update on compatibility with this plugin and if the above fix is not suitable what the correct solution would be?

    Plugin Author Afterpay


    Hi @willrossi,

    Thanks for following up.

    As was touched on above, Afterpay only processes payments in the currency of the merchant account at this time. Please note that this must match the WooCommerce store currency. While the Afterpay plugin is not expected to have functional conflicts with third party currency converter plugins (these may be installed and active together without conflict), it is not currently possible to send an amount to Afterpay in any currency other than the merchant account currency. The option to select Afterpay as the payment method is therefore deliberately removed from the checkout if it is detected that a third party plugin has altered the amount and currency.

    Happy to address any further questions as necessary.

    Thank you.

    Ok any ETA when this will be supported or another solution because without it we’re unable to use Afterpay.

    Our store has Afterpay CBT enabled for AUD and NZD, we need to display AU customers, AUD pricing and NZ customers NZD and showcase that the entire way through. AU customers shouldn’t see NZD pricing.

    Based on the above this is not possible and we can’t offer Afterpay to AU customers at all? (without setting up 2x websites and setting the default currency to their respective ones)

    Plugin Author Afterpay


    Hi @willrossi,

    Thanks for your questions and detailed comments.

    This topic represents a known challenge that is currently in discussion. A number of different suggestions have been put forward. There are no estimated timeframes at this stage.

    The current iteration of the CBT offering is focussed primarily towards merchants who do not have an existing cross-border solution already in place. If it is necessary to present prices in multiple currencies throughout the WooCommerce store, and to have these prices precisely match what is presented to the consumer by Afterpay, there is only one way to achieve this at present. Multiple websites are required, each with their own separate base currency, and linked to a separate Afterpay Merchant account.

    Thank you.

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