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    I use the simple image sizes plugin to create images suitable for easily adding to pages, that is by webusers who need a simple and easy method using the standard editor when editing pages. I have 450px and 800px wide images set in addition to the default WordPress image sizes, the 800 wide image is easily centred on a page. This has worked well for a number of years.
    I have recently started using shortpixel with block credits, it does a good job.
    But now I get:
    “ShortPixel Image Optimizer Warning
    The following plugins are not compatible with ShortPixel and may lead to unexpected results: Simple Image Sizes”
    Also a button to dismiss this message that says “I know what I am doing”.
    So what is the issue please, as far as I can work out there has been no issue. Just what is the potential issue, and if it is significant how else do I create additional images sizes, what alternative do you suggest please. This needs to be a plugin solution, not a coding solution please.

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    Hello and thank you for your message, I’ll try to clarify this for you! 🙂

    ShortPixel optimizes images and all the plugins that are used to regenerate images (or have this option available like Simple Image Sizes plugin) can lead ShortPixel to optimize the images multiple times.
    The solution to this is to deactivate ShortPixel when such an image regenerate plugin is active and used. Once it has finished regenerating image, the plugin can be deactivated and ShortPixel can be activated.

    In your specific case with “Simple Image Sizes”, if just have it active but you don’t use it to regenerate thumbs I’d say it would be safe to just dismiss the message.

    Hopefully I was able to clarify this for you 🙂

    Best regards,

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    Alex, thanks. This information really needs to be clear and accessible.
    Once I have created the additional image sizes at the start, its unlikely I will do any more. So this should be good. Thanks.

    Came here with the same question, thanks for the update.

    @shortpixel – since Simple Image Sizes is no longer maintained, but it is used by LOADS of sites, would be awesome if ShortPixel could build in similar functionality into your plugin.

    Would no doubt lead to more sales for you as well 🙂

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    @lencw – I totally agree with you that the info should be clearer, thank you for your feedback, we’ll try to update it soon.

    @thpstock – thank you for your suggestion/idea, we’ll consider it! 🙂

    Thanks for clarifying this remark in the changelog. One further question though:

    You say “[…] all the plugins that are used to regenerate images […] can lead ShortPixel to optimize the images multiple times.”

    Does the same apply to the wp-cli command “wp media regenerate” (

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