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  • Hello

    I am using Events Manager to manage our registration site. I have used and very much like this plug-in and want to use it here. Unfortunately, TML appears to have a compatibility problem: None of the TML pages are visible to the user when Events Manager is enabled.

    Other plug-ins just don’t do what I need. TML is the way to go.

    Please help

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  • Jeff

    I am making progress.

    1. I have been able to get login to work.
    2. I have successfully gotten the registration page to work.

    Not working:

    1, When I login successfully, the login on my sidebar does not change to logout.

    2. works on another site we have (obviously the page id is different and the site URL is different as well)where it works fine and it doesn’t work here. If you would like to view the other site it is You can create a subscription for free – we are just launching that site – and you can edit your profile without a problem.

    a. I don’t know if this is because of another problem (evidenced by the fact login doesn’t change to logout.
    b. I have placed in the Custom User Link Settings, just as I have on the site where it is working properly.
    c. I have placed the same reference using the same HREF in the page which I want to redirect the user so he or she can edit their profile.

    Word Press 3.5.1 and the latest version of your plug-in

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    How is the menu being rendered? Is it a wp_nav_menu?


    If you would like to login and see what’s going on the site is a prototype under our parent site. just as typed – Test is upper case.

    Click on Login. user name – FDW and password 9NyghtFalcon9

    You will either get an error – a redirect to an old page that has been removed – this error only happens when this plugin is activated – or you will be redirected to the home page (as you should be).

    You can then access the dashboard from the upper left corner of the site as I am sure you know.


    You will need to access the URL this way –


    I just did a new installation. I used 3.51 and a new database. Also, I installed one of the default themes. No plug-ins are installed except Theme My Login.

    Theme My Login created all the pages and I can see and edit them. However, they do not show up on the home page or anywhere else. If I use the earlier version of this plugin – 6.2.3 – everything works fine.

    Here’s the test site –

    Sorry to be a pain about this. I really like this plugin.

    By the way, this works, sort of:

    1. Make sure permalinks are set to default.

    2. Embed a link to your login page in another page.

    Then, Theme My Login works.

    If you go to the URL above, you will see that while login (and therefore logout) work, the other pages are still not visible.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    What do you mean they do not show up?

    OK. I will try to be clearer. Sorry.

    Here’s what I did.

    1. I installed Word Press. No plug-ins. Bare install.

    2. I used one of the two themes that come with Word Press.

    3. I installed Theme My Login.

    4. When I look at Pages in Word Press admin, I can see the pages TML creates. They have permalinks. I can edit them.

    5. I preview the site. No where on the site is the login page, or any of the other pages created by TML visible – there are no links to access them. There are no visible signs that TML 2.6.8 is installed.

    6. If I uninstall 2.6.8 and install 2.6.3, the pages TML creates are available and are displayed in the theme’s nav/menu bar.

    7. I can make pages created by 2.6.8 visible/accessible by doing one of the following:

    a. I can delete the page TML created, then recreate the page using Word Press, insert the TML short code, and the page will appear in the theme.

    b. I can “move” the page created by TML under another page and use a link to call the TML page.

    If you go to (you might have to go to you will see what I mean. Note that there are three menu options. On the home page, you will not see any of the TML created pages. However, if you click on Account Access, you will see a URL which does open the TML created login page. This was the only way I could get it to work.

    Also, under 2.6.3 I can use ?action=profile to redirect the user upon login to his or her profile, I have not been able to get that to work with 2.6.8.

    I hope this helps.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Wy can’t you add them to the menu using the Menu admin screen?

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