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  • I’ve recently been involved in the creation of an intranet using the Pinboard theme. Unfortunately we’ve come across an issue rather late in the day which results in a conflict bewteen our new intranet and other crucial business software.

    To cut a very long story short despite best attempts, our IT set up (which is not ideal and is very complicated using a variety of VPNs)does not allow us to have different compatibility mode settings set for different sites (or at least we can manually make the changes but they revert overnight). Our new intranet only works with compatibility view activated( IE is the browser we must use – a mixture of versions are used across our business).

    From my non-techie investigation into this, it looks like this is an issue that is only being created by certain themes (i.e responsive themes) and that less intuitive designs work okay without the need for compatibility mode settings to be activated.

    As it stands I have been tasked with changing the theme to a more basic design. Something that is a tad dissapointing as our intranet looks great.

    Before I do this – is there anyway to get Pinboard displaying correctly in IE without tweaking compatibility view?

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  • Sorry – my error, the intranet site doesn’t work with compatibility view activated at the moment – but we need it to. Not the other way round…..The non-responsive designs work with and without compatibility view activated.

    I’m confusing myself!!!

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