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  • The plugin has a compatibility mode in it’s setting but turing it on doen’t do much. It really wreaks havoc with other plugins. Making it not worth having it loaded. I had high hopes for this plugin. If this issue were ironed out I would most likely use it.

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  • It does worry me a bit that almost no support issues ever seem to get resolved…

    I am always tremendously appreciative of the effort and thought than so many plugin developers put into their tools, and can’t say I have ever felt the urge to complain about something that is free.

    However, if a plugin breaks a theme, conflicts with others or otherwise wreaks havoc, it is worrisome, and indicates there are errors in the code…

    The thing with shortcodes, is that there is a lot of stuff being written to the database.

    Does this thing tidy up after itself I wonder, and remove its tracks upon deletion…

    I’m tempted to download it, but even with good ratings, if there are a lot of support requests and no resolution to those, it makes me extremely hesitant to even try it out.

    Well I’m not really complaining about things that are free. I’m on the learning end of the development game. I use plugins for the most part because I really don’t have the time to build all these things my self. But if I were building plugins and things that add cool functionality to wordpress I would want feedback. For the most part it would give me insight as to how something really gets used and what people really need. And if the need turns into something really big then there is the opportunity to create a plugin or function that people would be willing to pay for.

    I really do hope that it can get figured out. If I were building something like this plugin I think I woud break it up into several plugins that do one or just a couple related simple task to cut down on compatibility issues.

    For what it’s worth the plugin didn’t do anything destructive. I deactivated it and everything was fine. I think it might have been a matter of conflicts or similar functions in other plugins that I really do need to use.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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