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  • I am using your plugin and I really love it but its interfering with my Divi theme. It actually makes the Customizer blank so it can not customize any of the parameters that usually one can modify.

    • Have you heard of this before?
    • Is there a way this can be fixed?
    • Thank you in advance

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  • Plugin Author Dominik Kocuj


    I never heard about this. Are you sure that this problem is because of the Kocuj Sitemap plugin? Please, try to disable the Kocuj Sitemap plugin and check if customizer is working again after that. Additionally, I would reccomended to clear all cookies and browser cache for your website and trying again to get into customizer.

    It would be also helpful if you will check if customizer works on your website for standard WordPress theme – “twentyseventeen”.

    I ask you to do these steps, because it can show if problem is really in the Kocuj Sitemap plugin and it will make me easier to think about reason for these problems.

    If this Divi theme is not commercial, but free to download (for example, from, please write the link to it in your reply. It will make testing easier.

    Thread Starter igwebs


    Thank you for your response. Yes I have tried all your suggestions and each time I deactivate the plugin Customizer works. I have also tried it with 2016 default theme and the same thing happens there as well.
    Divi is a commercial theme and I would be glad to send you a zip file of this theme so you could try it in your setup if you give me an email I can send it to.
    Thank you for your help.

    Plugin Author Dominik Kocuj


    It is very strange and maybe it is some problem in your website. I did check if customizer for theme “twentysixteen” (default WordPress theme for 2016) is working when the Kocuj Sitemap plugin is installed. And it works. In your case it does not work. It is very strange and it looks like that the problem can be elsewhere than just in the Kocuj Sitemap plugin. Maybe it is some set of plugins which interferes with customizer? It’s hard to say.

    OK, I think it will be best solution to send me this theme for testing with the Kocuj Sitemap plugin. I will see if it works on my website. If not, I will be able to search for a bug. However, if it will work, I will probably ask you more questions about your website configuration.

    My e-mail is: before the “@” is “dominik” and after is “”.

    Plugin Author Dominik Kocuj


    As I wrote to you before in e-mail, both customizers for “twentysixteen” and Divi themes are working correctly in my WordPress installations. So, making any fixes is like walking in the dark, because I can’t test if this changes anything.

    However, I did find some unneeded actions and filters added by the Kocuj Sitemap plugin into the customizer. This can be source for some problems – maybe it’s source for your problems too.

    So, I’ve make an update. From version 2.5.1 there are only few filters and actions from the Kocuj Sitemap plugin in customizer, which are required.

    Please, update the Kocuj Sitemap plugin to version 2.5.1, clear browser cache and cookies and check if customizer is working. Please, let me know in this topic.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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