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  • Hello Jan,

    Thanks for a great plugin!

    I have a quick (possible) bug to report with the “WPML Media” Plugin and your awesome “Default Featured Image” plugin.

    In our environment, WPML is helping us “translate” our English website into Spanish. Each Page, Post and Custom Post Type has a one-to-one translation from English into Spanish.

    WPML takes a little getting used to in that the core plugin does not actually include “Media Translation”. Instead, you install the “WPML Media” add-on plugin to perform these tasks. So, my bug here is related not to the WPML core plugin, but the addon WPML Media plugin.

    Anyhow, the WPML Media plugin allows us set an option: “Duplicate featured image to translations” both globally or on a post-by-post basis. When checked, this feature duplicates the featured image of the English post when we initiate a translation to another language (in our case, Spanish). Just like that, the featured image shows up on the new translation.

    Well, it turns out that I can reproduce an issue that when your awesome “Duplicate Featured Image” plugin is active, the featured image does not get duplicated to the new translated version of the post. Instead, the “Default featured image” that is set up in the “Default Featured Image” plugin settings shows up. Upon testing, if I deactivate your awesome plugin (Default Featured Image) and then initiate a new translation or update an old one, sure enough, the WPML Media plugin is able to duplicate the English featured image to the (in our case) Spanish equivalent, as advertised.

    This is reproducible in our environment.

    That said, I know WPML is a premium plugin, so I’m not sure if this is helpful for your to test or if I simply need to reach out to them and see if they might be able to work in compatibility for YOUR plugin instead of the other way around (you working on compatibility to theirs), but I did want to bring it to your attention in case that helps and hasn’t been reported before.

    Thanks again for your work on a plugin like this for so many users out there (including me) and congratulations on knowing how all of this stuff works! And no worries if you are unable to reply right away if at all. I know this is a free plugin so I don’t expect a reply. Just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks again, Jan, for even reading this! 🙂

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  • Plugin Author janw.oostendorp


    Hello Caleb,

    Currently I’m a little too bussy
    I’ll have some time to look into this early to mid november.
    What version of wpml are you running?
    I might be able to test it myself in the premium version.

    Hi @janwoostendorp – absolutely no worries at all on your timeline!

    I’m amazed at your kind reply amidst a busy end of the week. Feel free to prioritize wherever you need (to mid-November or beyond). 👍🏻

    • WPML Multilingual CMS: 4.2.9
    • WPML Media: 2.5.3
    • Default featured image: 1.6.1

    Those are the main culprits, I believe. Take whatever time you need. Thanks, again, for even sending a quick note back, and congratulations on all of the work you’ve done in contributing to the WordPress Community – thanks directly and indirectly!

    No rush to reply. 🙂

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