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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Hello AMCS,

    The plugin has been tested with 3.5 without ‘niggles’. Can you post the exact shortcode you are using on the link you posted? We checked and there seems to be no JS errors, however ALL of your titles seem to be blank!

    Worry not, we’ll get you squared away in plenty of time for your launch.

    Hi Baden, thanks for getting back to me so quick.

    There are multiple instances of the following shortcode on the page
    [expand title=”<img src=”” alt=”” />” tag=”div” targclass=”bma” rel=”client-highlander”]

    With several paragraphs of content between the [expand… and the [/expand] in each case. The targclass changes each time, as does the img src.

    What do you mean “ALL of your titles seem to be blank”??

    OK, seem to have fixed it.
    In the past I have had a few problems when updating the page, which were resolved by clearing the page HTML and reentering it from scratch (I have the HTML saved separately as the page is quite complicated).

    I have done the same again today, and this seems to have fixed the issue.

    Any idea why this is required?? Do other users have this porblem with the plugin?

    Plugin Author Baden


    Ah, I think I see the problem: You are using double quotes inside your title value. Try this instead:

    [expand title="<img src='' alt='' />" tag="div" targclass="bma" rel="client-highlander"]

    See what I did there?

    Bad: title=”<img src=” <– Double Quotes
    Good: title=”<img src=’ <–Single Quote

    Give that a try and let us know how it goes for you.

    I’ve just updated Collapse-O-Matic plugin from version 1.4.9 to version 1.5.1 (WordPress is 3.5.1)

    As soon as I did so, Collapse-O-Matic stopped working. Wouldn’t let me expand text.

    At the same time, another plugin (Meteor Slides) also failed. The image slider on the homepage became a blank grey box.

    I contacted the Meteor Slides forum and the author (JLeuze) said I had some Javascript errors on my site and suggested problem was another plugin.

    This is the site as JLeuze saw it:

    Homepage with missing slider:

    Page where Collapse-O-Matic isn’t working:

    So I tried deleting the new version of Collapse-O-Matic (1.5.1) and restoring the old version (1.4.9). As soon as I did, both Collapse-O-Matic and Meteor Slides started working correctly.

    Hope this helps …

    Plugin Author Baden


    Nick: with 1.5.1 there is an issue with SOME installs and livequery. You, sadly, have one of those systems. Simply downgrade to version 1.4.9: and you should be golden.

    We’ll get this sussed out for the next release. In the mean time, sorry for the wonkyness!

    Thanks Baden

    No problem for me to downgrade to 1.4.9

    Just wanted to give you some feedback in case it helped you make your revision.

    Great plugin by the way!

    Plugin Author Baden


    thanks! it’s folks like you that make it so.

    Plugin Author Baden


    We just released version 1.5.2c that addresses the livequery issue. If you are brave or board, please download and upgrade to 1.5.2c from the Plugin Oven:

    Hi Baden

    Just tried 1.5.2c

    I’m afraid it still doesn’t work for me – and still stops Meteor Slides plugin from working

    Perhaps its just me?

    Anyway, no problem for me to go back to 1.4.9 – that works fine

    Plugin Author Baden


    Hmm… Nick, which version of WP are you running?


    Plugin Author Baden


    OK.. we need to figure out what the what-what is causing this. We’ll get back to you. Ooofa.

    Let me know if you want me to re-install 1.52c on my site so you can see problem.
    Only a test site so it doesn’t matter if its not working for a while
    Currently its back to 1.4.9 and working fine

    Plugin Author Baden


    Lets find a time where we can both work on this to minimize the wonkyness for your visitors.

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