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    I’m trying to use Postie as a replacement for TwitPic so that I get more traffic directly to my site.

    I already use [WP to Twitter] which picks up my blog enries as I publish them and auto-ping them out to Twitter.

    I’ve just done my first postie post and it all seemed to work fine with the picture embedding and formatting, but it didn’t send out a Twitter link as it normally does when I publish a post?

    I was fairly thorough in setting it up and testing it before I put it live, but can you think of a reason that it would circumvent the other plugin?

    On a side note, when I was manually inporting the emails during testing it would show a summary screen. When it was on that screen the Admin Menu dropdowns wouldn’t work. Nav back to the normal Postie pages and they’re fine again.
    May be related?

    I’ve only seen that once before and that was with the kkprogressbar plugin which ‘broke’ the menu java(/ajax?).
    I think something changed in v3.1 which affects some plugins this way.

    Anyways – your advise on resolving it would be welcome


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  • Update.
    If (once the item is there) I manually Publish it from a Draft or a Pending status then sends out the twitter link.
    Not tested re-Publishing from a Published status yet as I currently have it set to go to Pending.


    I’m currently debating over whether to introduce options for dealing with Postie. Postie doesn’t use post status transitions or support custom post types, which means that for practical purposes, allowing WP to Twitter to recognize posts from Postie seems to mean eliminating any control over when posts are tweeted and when they aren’t.

    I don’t like this idea, so I’ve been reluctant to support Postie.

    Would you say that Postie acts in an unconventional way or is it working in an accepted and supported alternative?


    I would say that Postie is unconventional; WordPress has an existing action (‘publish_phone’) which is tied to publishing posts via email. Postie does not use that, instead running it’s own cron job to check for email and submit them as a post. If Postie used the existing WordPress action for posting via email, this would be trivial; instead, it’s a real pain.

    It may be that Postie’s developer has a specific reason for doing it this way — I don’t know that. However, in terms of what it means for other plugins, it’s unconventional.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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