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  • I’m definitely interested in what you guys think of the, I’m currently using wasabi’s, but I’m noticing it’s giving posts that have nothing to do with the current post other than the fact that I wrote it. But then I write 98% of the posts on my blog so this is getting pretty useless.

    One thing I’m noticing about Semiologic’s plugins is that there’s little to no documentation, which makes me hesitant to use them. Sorry, Semiologic, but with as many plugins as you write I’d really expect the documentation to be better.

    UPDATE: At first glance Semilogic’s plugin gives a little better results, although I am seeing a few posts that I can’t tell at first glance how they’re related.

    I solved this by using a feature of the UTW (ultimate tag warrior) plugin – it shows a list of “possible related posts” based on tags that are shared by those posts: in a way you have more control…

    I’m with moshu. I used others, but once I figured out that UTW would do it, I haven’t looked back.

    UTW rocks. It will do all sorts of amazing stuff, but you have to dig into the documentation a bit to find out how.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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