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  • Hi guys,

    I have several word-press implementations and one feature I am always wishing was included, or, had a plugin was one for data comparison.

    What I mean is that, say, for each post, I include particular information that I would like compared with another post. For example, a Car blog, which posts car speed, acceleration, weight, length, height, etc.

    I would then fill in these fields, and, when the next new car comes out, I could fill in the same fields, with different information, and viewers could choose to see a comparison of the data in a table of sorts.

    Does anyone know if there is something out there for this, or, am I going to have to pay a coder to come up with the goodies? I think it is a good idea, as it could be used to tabulate and compare anything, with the fields being defined by the author, so it could cover just about any topic out there.

    Any help would be ♥

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