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  • SunnyJim


    I am currently working on transitioning my MT blog over to WordPress. I am curious, though, if there is anything that might work like MTGoogleSearch. I would like to include a list of related links found via the Google.

    The concept is explained here:

    An example of such “Related Links” can be seen here:

    Supposedly, such links can help with search engine optimization. The results of a php implementation/plugin would probably need to be cached in order to ensure that a large site does not abuse the Google API license key.

    So, does anyone know of such a plugin/script?

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  • davidchait


    Is it showing INTERNAL related links? If so, there’s a number of non-google plugins/methods already available.

    Otherwise, yes, something similar would need to be converted into PHP code equivalent — not that difficult to do certainly.

    It should have minimal impact on SEO if it’s NOT internal-only links. If it IS, then other plugins might do a decent job as well. But other methods/approaches are sure to make a much bigger impact on SEO than a blind google search on title words…




    Thanks for the reply, David.

    I am talking about external links. You are correct that internal links help SEO — but that is primarily by spreading your Page Rank out over your site.

    However, external links to relevant sites do improve your Page Rank — at least in Google’s eyes. See the article at on optimizing a MovableType blog for Google. Nicholas writes:

    Increasingly, Google is liking sites that link out. Remember what I said about Google coming to favour the context of links? By linking from a blog post to other pages on similar subjects, you are helping Google to identify what your own post is about – which can help you rank higher.

    The trick is not to link out just based on the title but to use key words which is what I used to do on my blog. It seemed to help. After implementing such a function, my site moved to the top of some searches.

    I suppose something similar could be done with de-li-cious tags but I don’t know quite how reliable they are. Using Google at least gets you Google’s top links for those key words which, I would assume, are already linked pretty high. In addition, it would seem to benefit the reader as they would have recent relevant links to continue reading about the topic.



    Given that there’s been at least two refreshes in the last 18 months, I wouldn’t give much credence to that old an article on specific algorithms (or a single article, for that matter) — however, the general concepts it puts forth are great.

    I get the basic concept you are after. If in fact google ‘needs’ more context than you give it, or gives an individual page a bit more rank based on outgoing links, then I guess that might be an interesting plugin. But I think you’d be better off telling google what links YOU think are relevant to the topic, whether internal or external — a given set of keywords might get you the top 10 articles for those keywords at google, but they might be useless to ‘mapping’ your article in the cosmos. 😉 😉


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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