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  1. Diederik
    Posted 7 years ago #


    I'm a web integrator for a company called Design is Dead. And our portfolio is finaly finished: http://www.designisdead.com

    Feedback would be much appreciated!


  2. ty
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Pretty interesting minimal design. For the homepage, tag pages, and any other index type stuff I have a quick suggestion:
    The 'Pages' navigation is kinda cool floating there but I find it somewhat distracting as well (possibly because it doesn't quite fit the sketchy images that define the other parts of the page). With a link to the top above and below every article, I also don't think you need the floating pages nav. Put it at the top and/or the bottom in my opinion. Maybe even just have the current page link be a dark grey number with no box around it, so it would be less distracting (my eye goes right to it and not to the articles).

    The rest of the individual pages look pretty nice but you might consider adding a white-space:nowrap to your tag cloud so the links don't break across lines (that's pretty minor though).

    Nice Job :)

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