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  • Hello,
    I am facing some problems regarding the banner.
    I intend to generate a image banner/message for all company signatures, however the plugin is not loading the image in the singature itself.
    I already created a redirect, and also the partner img, but can’t figure out a way to publish a general banner or message for all emails.
    For example, I am trying to reproduce your example (christmas image) and the plugin is not performing as expected.
    Any trip to fix it? Or is it a bug on plugin? Is any update on your roadmap?

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  • Plugin Author Jean-Christophe Kermagoret


    nice to see somebody testing the plugin πŸ™‚

    Just a few questions to check your installation is ok.

    * Have you created a company with the email signature manager plugin?
    * Have you created a person/signature?
    * Have you created a redirect for each image in your signature?

    Without redirects, the images can’t be displayed. Are the redirects ok with valid date ranges AND enabled?

    Moreover, the email used in the company declaration MUST be reused in the banner declaration as the Communication Mail Key, otherwise it will not be displayed.

    HTH πŸ™‚


    Thread Starter poliveiracbrain


    Hey Jean-Cristophe&lt
    Thanks for your reply!
    Your tips made the magic and banner are active now.

    Meanwhile, I have some other questions that may be useful to explain in case others want to use the plugin as well.

    • On the company setup page, as well as the person, there is a field for partners image. However, when I select an image it does not take any effect, neither on the company nor on the person. What is that supposed to do? How should I configure it in order to get it working? Some more info would be good
    • On company setup page, there is a tab to configure messages. I wrote a text there but it also did not take any effect. How should I configure it?
    • When there is more than one company, the person signature links to the last company, even if it belongs to others. Is that a bug? Or maybe I missed something on the setup?

    Besides that questions, I am also listing some other features that would be nice to have, which you are free to use without any credit:

    • Social Network: expand the list and let the user configure it, instead of lock it to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (a drop-down list and a key-value map may do the job)
    • Social Network: use fonts instead of images
    • CSS: give the user some control on fonts, size, style, colors, etc (once you have a template already, maybe it should be easy to create a custom CSS section no overwrite defaults
    • HTML: give the user some control to arrange the pieces as they intend to (again, once you implemented a template, it should be peanuts)

    Last, but not least, thanks for your work! This plugin is very very useful. The redirect/alias approach is the key and you got it!
    Keep improving it. I am pretty sure as soon as usability is improved, companies will adopt it immediately.

    Plugin Author Jean-Christophe Kermagoret


    thanks for your feedback and your motivation πŸ™‚

    May I ask you to close the bug and open a new one for each of the other bugs you noticed and another one for the new features you talk about? I planned a new version for next week.

    One more question : by which way have you found the plugin? via google? via wordpress plugin directory? What keywords have you typed?

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, it’s very, very, very valuable πŸ™‚


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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