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  • Hello WordPress memebers,
    I have installed this plugin on multiple websites but it is not working.
    Any idea what might cause the problem? I was thinking “All In One WP Security” security might block it but how can I test it?

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  • Might be your webhost. I was using SiteGround and they have an upstream auto updater which overrides Companion Auto Update.

    I generally love SiteGround but their autoupdate service is a very frustrating thing, and getting them to shut it down to use this plugin is like getting Congress to pass a bill.

    Check Companion Auto Update Plugin Settings –> Status tab. Is it a green dot or red dot?

    It’s a green dot. WordPress updates automatically which is normal even without Companion auto update but the Themes, Translations and plugins do not.

    Who is your webhost? Are you on a shared server or VPS?

    hey @a305587
    sorry for my late response.
    I just tested “Easy Updates Manager” plugins and no problems there.
    This plugin does the job.

    Plugin Author Papin Schipper


    Sad to hear it’s not working for you. Do you still need my help or are you happy with “Easy Updates Manager”?

    Hey @papin
    Would be nice if you could help to fix it.
    The plugins works great normally!

    Plugin Author Papin Schipper


    Is it working on none of your sites or are only a few broken?

    I myself run “All In One WP Security” on multiple websites as well but I found that this plugin can cause strange issues on some sites while others have no problems with it. Perhaps it could be an issue with permissions, on the WP security >> Filesystem Security >> Permissions dashboard is everything okay?

    Also, @a305587’s question was a good one: Who is your webhost? Some webhosts are a pain in the ass with auto-updating, and sometimes my plugin breaks and sometimes Easy Updates Manager breaks. It’s a strange world we live in…

    You could also try changing the update interval at Companion Auto Update >> Advanced settings, in some cases that worked.

    Hey @papin
    Sorry for the delayed answer.
    Everything is green in the Permissions dashboard and I also asked my webhosting but they aren’t blocking anything.

    However when I reactivated the plugin I got this message:

    Het lijkt er op dat er iets fout ging bij het bijwerken van de database, probeer de plug-in opnieuw te activeren..

    It seems that something went wrong when updating the database, try to activate the plug-in again.

    I also noticed that when I select update Twice a day it switches to Once every 2 hours.
    This also happens when selecting other intervals.

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    Changing the update interval worked but as I said in my previous comment when I select update Twice a day it and save it it switches to Once every 2 hours. This also happens when selecting other intervals.

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