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  • I am having trouble downloading this program. Post download is it worth it? Is it possible to set up a friends network once it is downloaded. I figure the major cost that sets one website owner from the other is the cash, because it is all about the power you got in your servers, which is a major expense.

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  • Err, what are we talking about? This is a support forum for WordPress — it costs nothing to you.


    Most of us struggled to get word press working to our expactations. I recommend buying wordpress for dummies. I did and it helped me enormously. This forum is great but a lot of times when you ask a question people will say “just plug this line of code in” without telling you where, how or what it actualy does. They also get kind of gnarly about posting in the correct topic area. Remember, we are dealing with techie types. The whole concept of open source is that you don’t have to pay for it. After all…..knowledge is free right? Its fully customizable and the potential for personal expression is unlimited. Buy the book and follow the instructions. Don’t assume you know how to do it on your own… don’t. Pick a simple theme to work with and master it. Also, its considered good etiquette to give credit to the person who created the theme. I am a huge fan of the Drudge Report so I chose a theme called veryplaintext. Its perfect for me because I don’t care about having all kinds of clutter and junk on my page that distracts the reader from what I am writing about.

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