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  1. Sam Salonen
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Got the CommunityAPI SSO plugin installed and integrated to autenticate users using the phpBB3 usertable. The only problem is usernames that contain special characters and non alphanumeric chars. This would not be such a big problem unless the phpBB board that I intend to integrate with WordPress has over 18 000 registered users, and of those over 1000 contain non-valid characters in their usernames :(

    Has anybody come across the same problem, and mayby found a solution to it?


  2. Sam Salonen
    Posted 4 years ago #

    As the board in question is located in Finland, the use of scandinavian chars are quite common (å, ä, ö). On top of that we have a lot of users with usernames containing: *, _, -, <, >, ^, +, [, ], #... etc.

    For phpBB this is not a problem, as it accepts almost anything in the usernames by default. But WP seems to dislike almost anything except alphanumerical's and spaces, and the same seems to go for the CommunityAPI SSO -plugin.

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