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  • I have been having problems getting categories and bookmarks to update.
    I create a new bookmark or go to edit one and when I save it the new information does not show on the page.
    Sometimes if I go away and come back (refreshing does not help) the new information is there. Most times not.
    The admin page always tells me the new information has been stored, whether it has or not.
    Is this my database which has the problem – too slow to respond perhaps – or is it the routine that communicates between wp and the database.
    It also happens with Nextgen galleries.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, apart from intervening directly on the database (php admin)

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  • esmi


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    Are you doing a hard refresh (CTRL/F5)? Have you tried emptying your cache? Are you using your ISP’s web cache?

    What the hell does all that mean ?

    I don’t use keyboard shortcuts as a rule. And the question is not what is cahed and what is not – the problem is what is in the database after the operation. The fact that it doesn’t show immediately I can almost live with, but I can’t with the fact that data is not being recorded.

    What is an ISP’s web cache? If it exists how to activate it – wheere would I find it on Cpanel for example ?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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