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  • Can you email moderator via this forum? I found solution that moderator might not have been aware of. They closed thread unresolved.

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    Link back to the thread and post your fix. But no, not really, offline communication isn’t generally suggested.



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    One of your threads was closed as it was more fitting for the MU forums.

    The other was closed because it was an offer of paid work, which is discouraged as per the forum rules that were linked to in the thread.

    To Mrmist:
    I’ve only made two post here at WP. Both had disclaimers in the event I might have made a mistake in posting wrongfully.

    The first post related to the install. No one knew apparently how to install wp at Network Solutions, one of the largest hosting services on the planet. Yes, since the Moderator was not aware of how to install WP at Network Solutions, I did make a blanketed offer for help–my frustration in not getting WP to work was clearly evident. I regret that I made that offer, however, I did indicate that I hope it was kosher to post that info and if not to refer me to place where I could post the info. The moderator offered the place where I should post job and closed the tread indicating rules. I presume the moderator for that thread knew the conversation was coming to and end anyway as I was only taking to him, or her I don’t know, especially after I spent 10 hours or so on the 5 min install to no avail. “YOu must use your IP address in the Db script” might have saved me a lot of grief.

    I did take the Moderators advice and post a job and found workers, and hence communicated with wp staff to close the job so that post went SUCCESSFULLY, which was not included in your summary. So I’m now batting 2 wrongs and 1 right. No so good a record, but I’m new here.

    Regarding the post I made about WPMU, it is not readily clear from viewing that wordpress MU is anything different from WP?, that had it’s own download and website. In fact, the link to mu.worpress is pretty much burried in copy on that one can hardly find it. I only learned about MU, not at wordpress org but from google info. So, from all reasonabliness, please forgive me for posting on about MU when it should have been posted on the mu.wordpress. But I had no idea MU was an entirely different website with it’s own seperate forum. Sorry. And it is perfectly understandable why the moderator at would close threads at pertaining to MU……. but how was I to know? Now I know.

    Now about this thread which I hope won’t be closed due to not being posted in the right spot, or that the content might be in violation of any rules, I truly apologize for my transgressions that moderators are so careful in reviewing all my posts here, as you have done to bring attention again in summary that posts have been closed, yet one post was successful, when most people reading my posts already know they were closed, to perhaps indicate again I have lack of concern for this forum, in adhearing to rules etc, again I apoligize. I am truly sorry. No need to summurize my transgressions. I only asked here if IM services were available so that one might communicate with a moderator about information that could not be relayed once the thread was closed, as it was apparent the moderator didn’t know NS had reqs. unlike other hosting services perhaps.

    So now I know you can’t IM a moderator off line, and it was recommended I make a general post about information I found about the one post that was closed, pertaining to utilizing IP address in the wp-config file for installs at Network solutions, I hope this should suffice for all involved that all matters about closed threads are finally over and since one is unable to communicate via IM with a moderator, even after a thread has been closed to the bettermnet of WP and in the sake of understanding important informatin perhaps, nothing else needs talked about regarding the above matters. And if you choose to close this thread for some violation, then that’s OK as I have no more infomation to provide even if this thread is LOCKED, for some unknown reason.

    Again, so sorry for any post not placed in the correct forum.

    I truly appreciate all the fine work moderators are doing, including offering advice, all while ending the thread as the advice warrents the conversation might be ended, or picked up in a different spot on one of your forums.

    No apologies necessary. I reopened your topic ( ) so please feel free to post your comments regarding that subject. Please mark that as resolved after you make your comments.

    If a moderator want to communicate directly with you via IM that is entirely up to them. To me, IM (or other non-forum communication) takes the discussion away from the forums, meaning others don’t learn from that. That’s just me though.

    OK thanks. I agree. The offer of job and and the resulting close of thread left the matter unresolved. In the interest in becoming a good WP citizen I was only trying to show how to resolve the matter which is hard to do not having access to the thread the reason I attempted to communicate with the moderator, but had no way of doing so. Thanks for opening it up. I’ll make the resolution statement there. Thanks again and have a nice day!



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    Oops I left the bit off my post which would have said “Which one needs to be re-opened.”. Still, it seems all fine now.

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