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    Many of the errors reported for Advanced Editor Tools are coming from the classic editor in WordPress core. They are not specific to this plugin.

    Please search the support forum for the Classic Editor plugin, the same error may have been reported there and a fix may have been suggested.

    • I’ve updated Advanced Editor Tools or WordPress, and now the editor doesn’t work. I see white text and no buttons, the Visual and Text tabs don’t work, I only see the Text tab, etc.

      This is caused by a JavaScript error on the page. Please see with suggestions for fixing it.

    • I see an error like: “Failed to load plugin …/tinymce-advanced/mce/[plugin-name]/plugin.min.js”.

      This is usually caused by some sort of security software or settings on the server that blocks this particular file. In rare cases this may be caused by a failed plugin update or wrong file permissions. In the browser tools that shows as HTTP error 401, 403 or 404.

      To fix, first try reinstalling the plugin. If that doesn’t help, contact your hosting company.

    • The editor doesn’t work and in the browser tools I see an error like: “Syntax Error: … contains a string literal” (or other syntax errors).

      These are usually caused by some server software modifying the js files on the fly. There were quite a few cases reported recently about a software inserting a “tracking pixel” in the wrong place.

      Please load the file in question directly in the browser. To do this click on the URL to that file in the browser tools or copy the URL and paste it in the browser’s address bar and press Enter. Then try comparing it with the same file from a freshly downloaded copy of the plugin. I know looking at minified JavaScript is not easy (it is quite unreadable), but you should be able to notice bigger differences.

      If you notice a difference, first try deleting and reinstalling the plugin and look again. If you still see a difference, please contact your hosting company and ask them how to disable the insertion of tracking pixels and/or any other file modifications on the server.

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