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    My team and I are working on a project that will allow designers to upload poster designs which we will print and ship for them. The pricing structure I’m envisioning is this:

    Base cost (production cost) + price of poster (set by designer) + add-ons = Retail price

    The commission we get from each sale will be a % of the price of the poster set by the designer.

    The base cost will be how much it costs to print the poster and will vary depending on: 1) the size of the poster; 2) the kind of paper it is printed on. (The add-ons will be things like frames and mat boards (which I don’t think are really relevant in this discussion).

    I know I can use Admin fee mode + the fixed fee per unit + %age model, but there are obviously a couple of differences. For one, I will need the fixed fee to change depending on the variations selected by the designer. The other is that the % commission we take should be calculated from the price of the artwork instead of the total transaction value.

    Given the above, how do you recommend I go about doing this?


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    @stitchyrocks Nice to hear that you are trying to use WC Marketplace is a new sector with a different thought. I appreciate you choose WCMp to integrate the concept of pricing strategy and commission structure.

    I understand, you want to set the commission structure which will depend only on the price of the poster and not the total transaction value i.e Base cost + Price of poster + add-ons . By default WC Marketplace will allow you to calculate the commission on the price of the poster ( including product variation)

    Now coming down to the other two aspects i.e integration of custom fields like Base cost and add-ons cost , you can definitely create this using suggested addon

    Having said the above, to implement the commission structure only on the poster price and not on the total product value, all you need to do some little tweak in our core plugin.

    For any further support, we will love to guide you. You may please reach us through:


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