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  • this should be quick to explain, but I’ve been confused a bit about customizing comments. I’ve read different articles and am getting confused by the similar terminology and file names: “comments template”, “comments-template.php”, “comments.php”, “comment.php” and so on. I need the output of my comments to be changed around (comment, then author, then date and so on), and don’t know where to edit this. I’ve heard “comments.php” but can’t find this file, but rather “comment.php”, and also heard people say it’s your comments template, but the “comments-template.php” file is so long I can’t find it, and I’m not sure this is even what they’re referring to. Where do I look to change the output of individual comments? Please help.

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  • You need to go into your template directory. There should be a file called, “comments.php” you open that up in your file editor, whether you are in the WP dashboard or not it doesn’t matter.

    You need to find where it says the following
    <?php // You can start editing here -- including this comment! ?>

    After that you can start editing. Everything after that shows the commentor’s name, url, comment, etc. You can also edit up the form to make it look different as well. All of that HTML code is in the “comments.php” file.

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