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  • ok my last post is acting really weird. I have allowed comments but it automatically turns it off at some point, even if I modify the post and allow them again, after a few hours it goes back to off. The other day I saw the same post changing to some weird spam links in the code but nothing shows up when you view the post. So what’s happening guys? Anyone got a clue? Why would the comments be forced off for this particular post only? And why would it also change to some spam links and nothing when you view it?

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  • I’ve also been having this “problem” for the last couple of days (my last post on 2.2 mysteriously showed up as “Comments off”). After reading the WP site about the security flaws and fixes in 2.3.3 I decided to upgrade, and then posted about it on my blog. Today, I found the “Comments off” on my most recent post AGAIN.

    Taking a closer look at both of the affected posts, I found something VERY interesting. Both were edited and a large amount of spam (links) was appended to the end of the post.

    I suggest you go to your dashboard and edit your posts to see if you had your posts modified as well. I think it’s quite likely another WP vulnerability that hasn’t been found by the devs yet (or not fixed yet).

    At the moment, I’m just removing the spam links from my posts. It appears that only the MOST recent post can be modified, but I haven’t gone through all of my posts yet so I’m not 100% certain.

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